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I almost missed the big night of the year!!! Dancing w/the Stars Premiere event.  I was reminded by Mike while we were sitting in Outback Steakhouse when he asked, “don’t you want to see Dancing W/the Stars tonight?” I quickly looked over to my watch and saw it was only 7:15pm… so we had a bit of time left.

Needless to say, I did finish my Blue Cheese Pecan Chopped Salad and Steamed Vegetables quite quickly. And I also managed to drink my happy hour 2 for 1 Pinot Grigio before we raced home.

We just made it, as I turned on the T.V. the opening music was going. I quickly changed clothes, got comfortable in the big chair and watched every single performance of the night. I even signed up for tickets during Shannon Dourghtys performance. It was much like Kate Gosslins… which was lack luster.! Pam Anderson was hot thought… even dancing on the dance floor she exudes sex!!!!

There were some surprises of the night toooo… Erin Andrews, Ochocinco, Pussy Cat Doll girl, Evan Lysacek just to name a few!!! I  can’t wait until next week. 

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