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It was a great start to the day… I got up for an early morning Pilates Class here in Potomac, MD. I love the reformer Pilates Classes here!!!! It makes me feel good!!

Breakfast: 1Tsp  Barley Max Powder mixed with 4-8oz of Distilled Water

Then I came home and made my Mid Morning  8oz Juice of Carrot, Cucumber, Celery Juice.

HINT: Celery juice contains organic sodium combined with many minerals the body requires.  

For lunch, I mixed the Barley Max with water and had that 30 minutes before I splurged on 2 pears… that’s what the 14 day eating plan called for on Day 2.

Tuesday Lunch Pears As the day progressed, Mike and I went out and did some errands. Before we left though, I made Mid Afternoon 8oz Juice of  Carrot, Cucumber, Celery Juice for the road… While we were out and about, we realized it was 4pm in the afternoon already. I was starting the get a little hungry and Mike wanted to stop and have a cocktail somewhere local and low key.  

So we stopped off at Wildfire Restaurant in Tysons Corner Mall… where I had a glass of Pinot Grigio and we ordered a Greek Salad with no Cheese. We ended up having a couple of spoonfuls of the salad and then left for home.

For Dinner: I was still a little hungry and wanted to get back on track with the eating, so I mixed my Barley Max and had my drink and proceeded to make Zucchini Salad and Bake a Sweet Potato.

I preheated the oven to 40 degrees and put the Sweet Potatoes in for 4 minutes. And I ate it with some seasonings, or a sweet potato is also great plain!.

Zucchini Salad

Zucchini Salad

Zucchini Salad:


1 Medium Zucchini

2 Sprigs Parsley


2Green Onions

3Stalks Celery

1/2Red Pepper

2 Tomatoes


Dressing: 2Tbls. Olive Oil

2Tbls White Wine Vinegar



Celtic Salt

Dried Onions

Directions: Quarter Zucchini lengthwise and slice thinly, chop parsley, grate carrot, thinly slice green onions and tops, dice celery, chop red pepper, cut tomatoes into wedges, finely chop radishes, combine all ingredients and stir gently. Top with dressing and serve with leaf lettuce or on the side alone.

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I almost missed the big night of the year!!! Dancing w/the Stars Premiere event.  I was reminded by Mike while we were sitting in Outback Steakhouse when he asked, “don’t you want to see Dancing W/the Stars tonight?” I quickly looked over to my watch and saw it was only 7:15pm… so we had a bit of time left.

Needless to say, I did finish my Blue Cheese Pecan Chopped Salad and Steamed Vegetables quite quickly. And I also managed to drink my happy hour 2 for 1 Pinot Grigio before we raced home.

We just made it, as I turned on the T.V. the opening music was going. I quickly changed clothes, got comfortable in the big chair and watched every single performance of the night. I even signed up for tickets during Shannon Dourghtys performance. It was much like Kate Gosslins… which was lack luster.! Pam Anderson was hot thought… even dancing on the dance floor she exudes sex!!!!

There were some surprises of the night toooo… Erin Andrews, Ochocinco, Pussy Cat Doll girl, Evan Lysacek just to name a few!!! I  can’t wait until next week. 

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After last night’s fried fishplate at the clubhouse down the street, this morning I needed to do some work. So I went to a Pilate’s class at the local gym this morning (Wednesday).  I can’t find any Pilates studio with reformer machines here in Palm Coast. Infact, Yesterday I was looking for a Pilate’s studio and went into the gym for a tour of their facilities. I got the schedule for pilates classes and today was the first class I took. It was good, but nothing like Potomac Pilates.

Afterwards, I went running around and met up with a friend for lunch. I did really well and had the Apple, Cranberry Spinach Salad with a vinegarette dressing. I did indulge though in two pieces of cherry bread.

For dinner, we went to Carrabba’s Restaurant in St. Augustine. That’s about 30 miles north of our house in Palm Coast. I didn’t feel like cooking, nor did Mike so that’s what we did. It was happy hour when we got there, so I had the house Pinot Grigio.

Carrabba's Fried Zucchini

Carrabba's Fried Zucchini

Then the waitperson suggested Fried Zucchini Strips so we tried it. And they were sooooo good.  I ordered a Mediterranean Salad with no cheese and Mike and I split the Penne Franco.  Penne Pasta with Mushrooms, Roasted Tomato with Olive Oil and Seasonings. A lot like the Rigatoni Martino that used to be on the menu. 


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