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I did a lot of snacking today… I guess I thought I deserved it after my Pilates class this morning.!?!?

I took a small bowl of Almonds, Cranberries, and Raisins Trailmix… then I got a taste for some of my favorite Hummus. I found a box of Ritz crackers… the new ones that are mixed the ritz cracker and pretzel. I had probably about 20-30 crackers and several spoonfuls of Hummus.

Ritz Crackers & Hummus

Ritz Crackers & Hummus

Then Mike got back from Jacksonville, where he dropped off his son at the airport and picked me up a new Beach Cruiser Bike. I took it for a spin around the neighborhood, and I really need to get used to it. It’s not really the bike I want.. plus I still have the bike at Sears that needs to be picked up. There’s been one delay after another getting it delivered to the Daytona Beach Mall and then they have to assemble it still.

After the bike ride…which was so nice we came home and I made a Fresh Vegetable Salad again with an Oil and Vinegar Dressing.

Fresh Vegetable Salad

Fresh Vegetable Salad

Fresh Vegetable Salad:


1Cup Snap Peas

1 Red Bell Pepper

4Sticks Asparagus

3 Green Onions

1 Avocado

3 Sticks of Celery

2 Carrots

5 Mushrooms

2Tbls Olive Oil

2Tbls White Wine Vinegar



Dried Onion Flakes

Garlic Powder


Directions: Wash and Cut Vegetables and mix into bowl. Add Oil & Vinegar and Seasonings.

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We decide to leave Saturday for a weekend getaway to the Keys.. not realizing it was the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day. But Key West wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be.

Regardless, we made our way south on I-95. Me sleeping for the first leg of the trip until we stopped in Palm Bay for lunch at Wendy’s. I had the Southwest Salad without the Chili or Cheese(I had to pick the cheese off myself!) 

Wendy's Southwest Salad

Wendy's Southwest Salad

Then it was back to the roadtrip south. I made sure to pack some trailmix, which I made myself because I knew I would get the munchies. So I mixed up some Dried Cranberries, Raisins, Almonds and Pecans to munch on the drive to Key West.  

Bridge To Key Largo

Bridge To Key Largo

Heading to Islamorada

Heading to Islamorada

While we were driving, we reserved a hotel room at the Marriott Courtyard. It’s not the Ritz Carlton, but it was nice anyway! We got settled and freshened up and left for downtown Key West for some dinner. We found a place on Duval Street called the Borttegga, which was on the quiet end of Duval. I had a Glass of White Wine and a Green Salad. I really enjoy eating salads these days… and they’re quite fullfilling.!!! After dinner, we decided to walk around Duval Street and I found an Ice Cream place. Jokingly, I dragged Mike into to pressure him into buying something and it turns out, I was the one getting pressured. He didn’t even budge. So I was the one walking around with Two Scoops of Ice Cream.

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