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Sunday Vegetable Rice Soup

Sunday Vegetable Rice Soup

Mike’s wanted to see the movie “Everybody’s Fine” with Robert DeNiro since it came out the beginning of December. Well, last night he made me look up where the movie’s playing. I found out it’s only playing in Shirlington, a suburb next to Alexandria and Pentagon City. 

So after Ice Skating, we got in the car in our search for something to do indoors and agreed on the movie. By the time we got there, found out it was playing at 4:45pm. Well it was only 2:45pm, so went drove over to Tyson’s Mall to walk around and decided to take in “Up In The Air” with George Clooney. Good movie… funny, relevant, and just plain nice.

Sitting at home in the comfortable, warm shelter from the freezing cold outside, Mike’s waiting for 60 Minutes to come on and I’m going to head downstairs to eat some more of that Vegetable Soup. It’s just the thing to warm me up and energize me for Sunday Night line-up of shows. 60 Minutes, Home Makeover Edition, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters. They’re all supposed to be new episodes tonight, and I can’t wait!!!!!  

But before that… it’s Sunday Vegetable Soup and some Whole Wheat Bread and afterwards some Vedge Juice.

BoltHouse Vedge Juice

Vedge Juice


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