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First day back at home … and I missed a Pilates class. This day light savings time change really has kicked my but. I couldn’t wake up until 8:30am and by then, the Pilates class was over.

I realized when I was down in Key West… everyone had an alcoholic beverage, or an ice cream cone in there hands. It seemed like the bad foods and beverages were O.K. to eat, just because everyone else was doing it. So I indulged with ice cream Saturday & Sunday… and here I am on Tuesday eating it again. But if this is any consolation, the ice cream I’m eating today is raspberry sorbet (less cream!).

During dinner at The Outback Steakhouse Restaurant, I was soooo hungry I ate tooooo much Bread. The bread The Outback brings to your table IS NOT white bread; it’s pumpernickel dark bread. Not tooo bad (I don’t think), but I also did have Mike’s Baked Potato along with my Steamed Vegetables and Chopped Salad.

To help get rid of some of this fat and extra junk I ate, I’ll be able to get in some weights and crunches before bed.!!!!


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Sunday Soup

Vegetable Soup

Sunday Soup

Vegetable Soup

I’ve been feeling so much better these last couple of days… I must have over done it with the day at the Space Museum Saturday… and the stretching and weights these last couple of nights. My back is killing me again.!!!!

While we were at the Space Museum Saturday, we stopped for lunch at the indoor McDonald’s and I had a Southwestern Salad w/out the Chicken. Then we went to see the IMAX Theatre presentation of Space Exploration, which was great. Afterwards, we went home and hung out.

Mike made a Persian meal with Plums and Turkey Meat. It’s more of a stew and I ate that with some White Rice. For desert… I ate some Raspberries, Blackberries, Flaxseed, Whipped Topping and Leftover Ice-Cream.

I’ve been keeping up on my Carrot Juice and found a new drink Smoothie from Bolt house Farms Strawberries and Bananas. Tried some last night!

This morning… Sunday I woke up with throbbing back pain. After I took my morning vitamins and drank the Barley Juice. Mike made me another Veggie Soup: so I had some with Whole Wheat Bread crumbs.
Cream Corn
White Beans

This soup stock however, was made with left over Turkey from last night’s meal.

As the day progresses, with me on the bed sitting on the heating pad, I’ve got my Carrot Juice, Almonds, Apple and Banana to munch on.:)

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