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Day it seems I was in a haze for the better part of the day. And this morning I had some errands to run, so it  made for a very trying start to the day. I’m chalking it up to allergies!!

But by the time I finished with my errands, it was lunch time so I head home. Mike warmed up some left overs from yesterdays meal and I had the same thing I ate last night. Cucumber & Tomato Salad and Rice.

Not feeling any better then I did this morning… Mike and I decided to go out again. This time, I wanted to go north to St. Augustine to the outlet mall. Sunday when we were out in Orlando at the Outlets I got a shirt from Armani Exchange and it’s too tight. So I wanted to see it there was an Armani Exchange in St. Augustine, but there’s not.

So it was late… and my stomach was growling!!! So we went to Carrabba’s Restaurant.

It was just before 7pm when we walked in the door… and that means 2for1 happy hour. I had my usual House Pinot Grigio.

Carafe of Pinot Grigio

Carafe of Pinot Grigio

I had a Meditteranean Salad with Oil and Vinegar Dressing… Plus I orderd a side of  Roasted Zucchini Vegetables. 

Mediterranean Salad

Mediterranean Salad

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Another lunch of Fresh Vegetable Salad and Asha Reshteh and then up to Jacksonville to pick up Mike’s son.

But before we hit the airport, we went to have dinner with Mike’s other son at Wasabi a Japanese Steakhouse. We had met up with him several weeks ago at the same restaurant.

Filet & Shrimp Hibache

Wasabi Japanese Grill

Vegetable Hibache

And we had the same thing… Filet and Shrimp Hibache…. I of course had the vegetables, Zucchini, Squash, Carrots, Onions, and Broccoli. Before hand I asked for a Seaweed Salad and I had cold Sake.  I also asked the chef to make the Rice with no Egg. But I couldn’t say anything about all the butter he used… because there’s a table full of people waiting for him to cook for them.

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Sunday’s Vegetable Rice Soup turned into my Monday afternoon lunch. ONLY after I went to a Pilates class. I did take the Intermediate Class… but no problems so far. Not even my muscles are aching uncontrollably.

Vegetable Soup

Monday's Vegetable Soup Too

I did get more of a workout in my arms and shoulders today.. so of course that area is more sensitive, if you will.!!!

Dinner tonight, was a bit out of the ordinary. I went with my craving to have a Salmon Kabob. Mike had called the Kabob restaurant and I was licking my lips for a Salmon Kabob with Dill and Lima Bean Rice. It was sooooo good. I had two Pieces of Salmon and a couple spoonfuls of the rice.

Salmon Kabob

Salmon Kabob

I drank my Vedge Juice, which was quite filling after dinner, but I desired something else. And when Mike’s son asked for chocolate, I went on a search for the Ferraro Chocolates.

Ferrero Chocolates

Ferrero Chocolates

So sinful this dessert was. I know I’m going to pay for it, one way or another. 

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Freezing cold and windy, that’s my forecast for the day. I woke up with just about every inch of my body aching from my Pilates workout. I didn’t mind, infact, it took my mind off my back pain and made me feel like I’m putting a dent into this body of mine.!

Got out of bed fairly late, later than usually and so we got ready for the day and hung out in the living room. Mike had already made two different types of soups and I ate the Vegetable Rice Soup he made with all the left over Veggies and Rice in the refrigerator. I sprinkled in some Whole Wheat Bread and chowed down. It was very delicious… makes me very jealous that Mike’s able to make food at a drop of a hat like this.:(

Vegetable Rice Soup:

5 Celery

4 Yellow Onions

3 Potatoes

3 Parsnips

2 Cans Diced Tomatoes

1/2 Bag Spinach

1Cup Rice

1Can Kidney Beans Canned (drained)

Vegetable Rice Soup

Sunday Vegetable Rice Soup


Put water chopped up vegetables, spinach, beans, diced tomatoes, and rice all into pot and place in crock pot for 1 hour.

 Even thought it was 24 degrees and windy outside, Mike decided to take us ice-skating. I said, lets go! So we took a drive to Reston Town Center and parked near the skating rink set up in the open area of the mall. We went into the information area where they were selling tickets and skates, and sure enough, I took my boots off and told the girl size 9. I was sad Mike didn’t buy a ticket, but that’s to be expected. He’s not much of a sportsy guy. But that’s O.K. his son and I took to the ice until I got my ice skating legs… and by that time, we were icicles from the blasting wind and very chilly temperatures. So, we got off the rink and headed over to Panera Bread for a nice Hot Chocolate.


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Vegetable Salad

Today's Vegetable Salad

Out running around this morning…Mike and I happened upon a great Mediterranean Restaurant in Downtown D.C. off L street and 20th. We walked in and the place wasn’t much to look at, but when you neared the back of the restaurant you saw all the food laid out. It looked great, the food was presented in buffet style with so many colors, salads, rices, and dips, it was great.

I actually put together a green salad with some Red Bell Peppers, Olives, Red Onions, and an Oil based dressing. Then I picked up a Rice dish, Eggplant dish, and a Mushroom, Green Bean Salad. Yah know, Mike told me before we went in, I think you’re going to like this place. It has all the foods you eat.! Well he was right. 🙂

Then tonight, it was great… Mike and I unloaded the car of drying cleaning and some shopping items. And immediately took to the kitchen to make our respective meals for dinner. He made his Gormazabzi (Meat, Bean, Onion Dish) with Rice and I made this great looking Vegetable Salad. I chopped up Asparagus, Broccoli, Red and Orange Bell Peppers, Sweet Peas, Carrots. I put together an Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing with seasonings like Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Celery Salt, Thyme.

Vegetable Salad:
Sweet Peas
Red & Orange Bell Peppers

Olive Oil
White Wine Vinegar
Pinch of:
Cayenne Pepper
Celery Salt

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LA Car Show

Me In The Middle of It All

LA Car Show

New Lincoln

LA Car Show

New Lexus

Friday Morning we got up with plans to hit the first day of the Los Angeles car show. We walked through Ford, Lincoln, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, and Honda.

That was just one building of cars…. we still had three more showrooms to go!!! It was a whirlwind of chrome, muscle, flash and innovation and spent hours looking, sitting and oowing and ahhing.

We saved ourselves for Mike’s moms home cooking and ended up eating her Vegetable Stew again!!!! That stuff is sooooo good. I got the recipe and will be making it myself.!

For dinner we had Mike’s sister and daughter come over and they made a Rice, Raisin meal which was great.!

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So far so good, we got in around 8:30pm Pacific Time Monday night and ate Salad, Rice, and Okra with Eggplants. I really wasn’t hungry, but I didn’t want to offend Mike’s mother who made the lovely meal for us earlier. It was delicious as always and very similar to my Raw Eating Plan.

Thankfully, Persian food is fruit & vegetable based. Most of the meals made in the culture are stew type meals made with or without some meats. Regardless of what you eat, there’s always white rice on the side.

But here, I will have to really work hard to stay strong and on track, because already, I’m getting the business about not eating meat. I explained to Mike’s mother that I’m eating only Raw Foods, Vegetables and no meat or meat products. She proclaims, you have to eat meat. If you don’t eat meat you get sick…. some of the same thinking and opinion I endured with my girlfriend Kristie. And then, it seemed everyone was against me, because Mike ganged up on me then. But so far, he seems to be sticking up for me and preaching my praises..

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