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LA Car Show

Me In The Middle of It All

LA Car Show

New Lincoln

LA Car Show

New Lexus

Friday Morning we got up with plans to hit the first day of the Los Angeles car show. We walked through Ford, Lincoln, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, and Honda.

That was just one building of cars…. we still had three more showrooms to go!!! It was a whirlwind of chrome, muscle, flash and innovation and spent hours looking, sitting and oowing and ahhing.

We saved ourselves for Mike’s moms home cooking and ended up eating her Vegetable Stew again!!!! That stuff is sooooo good. I got the recipe and will be making it myself.!

For dinner we had Mike’s sister and daughter come over and they made a Rice, Raisin meal which was great.!

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Encore/Wynn Pool

A Walk By the Pool In Vegas

When we arrived in Vegas, I was so tired and hungry we decided to stay in the hotel to watch Desperate Housewives and order room service. I ordered a Veggie Sandwich and a Fruit Plate, but before the food came we snacked on a Veggie Tray I got in Grand Junction, Colorado. I managed to take my Barley Max and drink some Carrot Juice throughout the day. I felt good and felt I was on the way to heathy eating again.

No sooner did the Housewives end, I was sleeping!!!
The next morning, Mike wanted breakfast, so we ate at one of the hotel restaurants.

It was 60 degrees and sunny outside, so we sat outside at the pool. I ordered some Oatmeal with Raisins and a Bran Muffin. I was so excited the hotel had on the menu fresh Carrot Juice… so I ordered so!
Then after some shopping and walking around our Hotel(Encore Hotel), we had some lunch. Both of us ordered Salads and we shared a Veggie Flatbread Pizza. It seems I take one step forward and take two steps back!!! On to Los Angeles,California.

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