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Got in Monday Afternoon…. to a sunshiney Colorado Holiday afternoon. Rushing over to visit my girl Kristie and hit Olive Gardens endless Soup and Salad. Then checked into the hotel and headed over to my brothers house for dinner.

He was making Burgers and Pasta Salad. While we were watching him prepare the meal, we were catching up. As he measured the Milk and Mayonnaise for the Pasta Salad, I had to tell him. Steve, I’m a vegetarian now and I don’t eat meat products or dairy. He had a look of OH! NO!…. And then quickly I said, don’t change what you’re doing.. I just wanted to let you know. Then I said, well do you have any Carrots or a Salad I can munch on. And he said, well of course…. it turned out to be better than I thought!!!

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