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Yesterday was bad!!!  I ate way too much food. For lunch I had a hearty helping of my Fresh Vegetable Salad and another hearty helping of Mike’s Asha Reshteh.

Fresh Vegetable Salad

Fresh Vegetable Salad

Asha Reshteh Ugh!! I was so bloated after that meal, after which I vowed I wasn’t going to eat anything for dinner.

But as luck would have it, Mike made a dish with Okra, Brussels Sprouts, Zucchini and Eggplant. He actually tossed all the vegetables in flour and put it on the Coleman Grill he has. 

Mike's Okra

Mike's Okra

Mike’s Okra:



Brussels Sprouts




Olive Oil


Cut up the vegetables and wash, blot with paper towel and roll into a cup of flour. Fry in a pan/grill with Olive Oil until tender. 

Red Bell Pepper SaladThen he finely chopped up some Red Bell Peppers and Orange Bell Peppers with Cucumber for a Salad. He added an Oil and Lemon Dressing to it. And then I added some Avocado and Paprika, Cumin, Celtic Salt, and Dried Onions to the Dressing mix.

Bell Pepper Salad:


Red & Orange Bell Peppers


Olive Oil

Lemon Juice


Dried Onions


Celtic Salt

I ate a much smaller amount of  THIS food… which was really good. But I was ultimately thinking about lunch and how much I had eaten.

Then to make matters worse, I didn’t work out last night. Because I had soo much food, I felt really tired and couldn’t bring myself to it.

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So far so good, we got in around 8:30pm Pacific Time Monday night and ate Salad, Rice, and Okra with Eggplants. I really wasn’t hungry, but I didn’t want to offend Mike’s mother who made the lovely meal for us earlier. It was delicious as always and very similar to my Raw Eating Plan.

Thankfully, Persian food is fruit & vegetable based. Most of the meals made in the culture are stew type meals made with or without some meats. Regardless of what you eat, there’s always white rice on the side.

But here, I will have to really work hard to stay strong and on track, because already, I’m getting the business about not eating meat. I explained to Mike’s mother that I’m eating only Raw Foods, Vegetables and no meat or meat products. She proclaims, you have to eat meat. If you don’t eat meat you get sick…. some of the same thinking and opinion I endured with my girlfriend Kristie. And then, it seemed everyone was against me, because Mike ganged up on me then. But so far, he seems to be sticking up for me and preaching my praises..

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