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Another lunch of Fresh Vegetable Salad and Asha Reshteh and then up to Jacksonville to pick up Mike’s son.

But before we hit the airport, we went to have dinner with Mike’s other son at Wasabi a Japanese Steakhouse. We had met up with him several weeks ago at the same restaurant.

Filet & Shrimp Hibache

Wasabi Japanese Grill

Vegetable Hibache

And we had the same thing… Filet and Shrimp Hibache…. I of course had the vegetables, Zucchini, Squash, Carrots, Onions, and Broccoli. Before hand I asked for a Seaweed Salad and I had cold Sake.  I also asked the chef to make the Rice with no Egg. But I couldn’t say anything about all the butter he used… because there’s a table full of people waiting for him to cook for them.

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Fresh Vegetable Salad

Fresh Vegetable Salad

I love it when I can go out and still eat the foods I was able to eat before I took out dairy, meat and sugar from my diet.

Phad Thai Lunch

Phad Thai Lunch

This afternoon, I met up with a friend of mine at a Thai restaurant. I was still able to have my usual Phad Thai dish. But this time I chose the Vegetable Phad Thai with no Egg.

And the best part, it was still great. Infact, I ate the rest of the left over later in the afternoon before I left the house on some more errands.

This evening, I drank my afternoon juice which I’ve been putting Beats into to help my circulation. I love Beats!!!!

Then I went into the refrigerator and ate the little bit of left over Fresh Vegetable Salad I made the other night. A very light food day today. Something to be proud of.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the Anytime Fitness Gym to check out there 7:45AM Pilates class. Still no Reformer Class to be found here in Palm Coast.:(

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After a many hours in front of the computer, taking an online real estate course, I didn’t get a chance to eat. Then before I knew it I was running late for my 3pm appointment, and literally ran out the door. Luckily, Mike came with me and after the meeting I took a quick detour to Wendy’s while Mike went into Staples to get some office supplies.

I ate the Southwest Salad and asked for the Chili on the side and tried to pick off all the cheese I could. Once I went through all that effort, I realized the dressing was a creamy Southwestern Spicy Dressing. At that point I was so hungry, all I could do was mentally through my hands up in the air and eat my food.

That was around 4pm, because afterwards Mike headed to the interstate north. He had a piece of property up in Jacksonville that he wanted to see. So up north is where we headed to see some property, meet with his son, stop by Costco for the Vita-Mix Juicer and have dinner.

I had my eye on the Vita-Mix Juicer for some time, and it just so happened that Mike was thinking about getting the Juicer as well. So, luckily the gentleman at Costco was doing a demonstration of the Juicer and we were sold!!! I can’t wait to juice in it tomorrow.

Then we headed to Wasabi-Japanese Steakhouse for dinner and invited Mike’s son to join us. While we were waiting 45 minutes for our Grill side seats, I sat at the bar and ordered small Cold Sake. Then at the table, I ordered another one.

Something I thought was great! When the chef started to make the Fried Rice, I asked him to make a little with no egg in it. And he complied. I was thinking about asking him to use no butter on a handful of vegetables, but I thought I might be pushing my luck. So, I took what I got and was very happy (Inside I was jumping up and down!).

Then it was time for the hour-long ride home 😦

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