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I woke up happy to be in Florida and decided, since I won’t have time for a Pilates Class this morning, I will take a quick walk around the neighborhood. I went for a quick 45 minute walk and jumped in the shower.

Breakfast… was just some water and vitamin supplements, because I was still waiting on my Barley Max order.

I didn’t make  a Mid Morning  8oz Juice because we were out of all the ingredients. So I made a mental note to stop off at the grocery store for a quick run in to get some Carrots and Celery.

I drove down to Daytona for some appointments and then headed over to meet a friend of mine at her office.

Tuesday 7 Zen Bistro Phad Thai Lunch

Tuesday 7 Zen Bistro Phad Thai Lunch

We decided to hit our local lunch spot, Zen Bistro for my  usual Veggie Phad Thai Dish. I get the noodles with no eggs and the peanuts on the side and enjoy.

I headed back up to Palm Coast, stopped off at the grocery store and headed back to the house to make my Mid Afternoon 8oz Juice of Carrot, Celery, Cucumbers.

Then I went back out to get my hair done…. it was a long time coming for this haircut.!

I got home and tried to feel out the situation for dinner. Mike decided on dinner at the Outback Restaurant, which was fine with me, because I didn’t have to make anything.

Outback Restaurant Glass of White Wine

Outback Restaurant Glass of White Wine

We got there after picking up one of Mike’s other sons… and I had a Glass of White Wine and had some bread and butter while we waited for our meals to come out. I had some of Mike’s Garden Salad before my  Norwegian Salmon with Steamed Veggies came to the table. It was a really great meal, however, I could really taste the butter in the veggies and in the salmon. It was a bitt of a system shocker.!

Outback Restaurant Bread

Outback Restaurant BreadTuesday 7 Norwegian Salmon Outback Dinner

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