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We left before dawn from Florida on our way to Potomac, Maryland Friday morning. Luckily I Juiced my Carrots, Celery, Apples, and Beets Thursday night, because all I was good for this morning was to get ready, go and sleep in the car.

Just outside of Jacksonville, in Georgia we stopped so Mike can walk, wakeup, and get something to eat. He got me a Hash brown from McDonald’s which I devoured and then closed my eyes again until South Carolina.

We stopped to get gas, and that’s where I asked Mike to Stop for Wendy’s, where I got a Side Salad and Baked Potato. I ate that for lunch and then shortly thereafter, I took over driving. We did really well on time, only stopped for gas and for Mike to stretch his legs a little. One of those stretches, I found myself in line at the Dairy Queen for a Turtle Blizzard. I just had such a horrible craving for something sweet, and Dairy Queen was staring me in the face.! I also got some Chex Mix to munch on too.

Then around 6:30pm we arrived at the house here in Potomac and unloaded the car and settled in. I was hungry, so I had a little bit of the Lentil Soup I made before we left and some Hummus and Whole Wheat Bread. Both of those tasted a bit tart…. and that was the end of my eating. We settled down from the drive and hit the hay pretty early.   

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Since my girlfriend left on Sunday afternoon, it’s been a leftover eating frenzy. I was eating the Better Than Tuna with a slice of Whole Wheat bread and a side of the Almond Cheese for my meals.

Almond Cheese

Almond Cheese Spread

Better Than Tuna

Better Than Tuna Bread Slice

PLUS…. as a gift my girlfriend brought some chocolates with her. And guess who’s been eating them!!!

Tuesday we hit the road at 7:30am and got to FLA. At 7:30pm. I think I did really well at the beginning. I poured the remaining Carrot Juice into a travel tumbler and drank that and didn’t even want a Starbuck’s. YEAH! I also packed a zip lock bag full of Almonds and a couple of flat bread pieces made with White Flour.  

Then for lunch we stopped at an Arby’s in South Carolina. We just crossed the state line and we were hungry, so I got a Turkey Sandwich with no Cheese and ate some Curly Fries. To go along with the Turkey eating, I had Mike stop at McDonald’s about 80 miles later to get an Oreo McFlurry. As soon as I ate it, I knew there would be serious backlash.!!!! When we finally got home, unloaded, unpacked and relaxed, I made myself a plate of Better Than Tuna, Almond Cheese and a couple of pieces of Whole Wheat Bread. Just enough to fill me up and not too much to lie in my stomach.Wednesday, I Juiced some Carrots and Apples because that’s all we had, and rushed out of the house for an appointment and then to meet a girlfriend for lunch. She took me to a small little sandwich shop in Daytona Beach. A place we’ve eaten before, so I knew there would be a lot of meat sandwiches available. I didn’t really trust the Salad making skills of the place, so I ordered a Turkey Sandwich with no Cheese, Mayonnaise on Wheat Bread. I did get an order of Sweet Potato Fries and an Orange Soda Pop!

Dinner was at the Outback Steakhouse, where I seriously indulged with a Margarita and since it was happy hour, I got one & the Second One was Free. We ordered for an appetizer Shrimp on the Barbie of which I had 2 pieces and a couple pinches of the Dark Rye Bread.  And here’s the worst part… once we got home from the restaurant I started eating the Cherry Filled Chocolates my girlfriend gifted us in Washington.

Knowing I ate more Chocolates than I should have, Thursday morning I woke up early and took to the streets for a brisk 45 minute walk around the neighborhood. After I got back, Mike poked his head into the Chocolate box and shouted who ate all the Chocolates? Apparently it was obvious I had a few. And he said the box is almost empty?? I fessed up and said I ate more than I should have last night!

I was able to properly Juice Carrots, Celery I bought from the store yesterday and some Apples. I finished the first 8oz Juice this mid morning and am rushing up to drink my second one now.

Potato & Carrots

Potato & Carrots


Green Salad

Green Salad w/ Kidney Beans

But before that we stopped at Golden Coral for lunch. It’s a place I hate to go to, but Mike likes it! So I said what the heck. I ate a great Green Salad with Kidney Beans, Chick Peas, Red Onions, and an Oil & Vinegar Dressing. I also added a Baked Potato, some Boiled Carrots and Salsa to put on my Baked Potato.

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Before we left Kingman, I took another Benadryl and was out for the better part of the detour to Flagstaff. The roads were still closed because of Black Ice, and Accidents, so we decided to go south and then north on 17 back up to I-40.

When we got to Flagstaff, I relieved Mike behind the wheel and we stopped at a familiar place, McDonalds. This time, I got a Fish Filet. I hadn’t had a Fish-Filet since 1970 something. It was good, and killed the hunger pains, but it wasn’t a good move on the eating plan.

We made it to Albuquerque around 6pm and Mike wanted some Ministrone Soup(which sounded really good!) so I GPS’d the nearest Olive Garden Restaurant. Where we had the Ministrone Soup and I had a small plate of Noodles and Souce, over which we decided to call it a day and hold up in town. Which is good, because I’m needing another dose of the Benedryl and right to bed.!!! I just remembered, neither before lunch or dinner did I take my Barley Max either:(

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Left LA with a snuffed up nose, headache and overall not feeling well.! Luckily, Mike drove out and we had pretty good weather,until Arizona. Before we even got out of California, we hit McDonald’s and I had a Southwestern Salad with out the Chicken and the Creamy Dressing. It was so windy and cold… a sign of temperatures and conditions to come.

As we continued West on I-40 in Arizona the temperatures got down into the single digits. Just outside of Kingman, Arizona we hit traffic. For at least 3 hours we sat in stop and go traffic. As if the dipping temperatures weren’t enough, the whole time we sat and inched my urge to go the bathroom built. Until we got to the Seligman exit where we stopped to gas up, use the bathroom, and figure out our course of action.

We decided to go back to Kingman, because as far as the eye could see, there were red lights lined up on eastbound interstate 40. Waiting in that was not going to be how we wanted to spend the night. So we got into Kingman and found the Walmart, where I got another Green Salad to munch on and we were off to the hotel room… until tomorrow!

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