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Juiced Carrot, Celery, Beet, Apple Juice and already drank my first serving and had my Barley Max. I didn’t get up to walk this morning, because I was soooo tired. So I’ll get back on track Monday. 

Eating left overs this afternoon. I had the rest of the Potatoes and Onions and also the Butternut Squash.

I hope I can refrain from Chocolate and non-raw food today. I really don’t know what got into me yesterday; I just threw everything to the side and ate fish. Then to top it off, the Chocolate! It seems I’ve been eating a little Chocolate every night this week; I just got into the habit. But last night, it was a lot of Chocolate. Mike and I managed to finish the entire bar of it.

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I ended up eating leftovers… because I didn’t feel like making anything. Today’s become a very lazy day for me.

I ate the Vegetable Soup Mike made over the weekend with a piece of Whole Wheat Bread.

Sunday Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

Then for the dessert… I had a bowl of Blueberries and Black Berries with a scoop of Serbert and the last of the Whipped Cream. Then I had another bowl of Berries with another Scoop of Serbert.

Bad day all around>!>>>!>!>

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Christmas Day… with no one in the house but Mike and I, and all the presents already opened(the one he bought me!), we decided to brave the freezing temps(totally my suggestion).

It really didn’t feel like Christmas to me, so we left the house and went to go find someplace that was open serving food. We found a local place called Silver Dollar Cafe. It looks like a silver 50’s mobile home… and the food is about that same timeframe. I had a Vegetable Chili Soup and a Turkey Sandwich with Cheese. I forgot to take the Cheese off. I also drank some HOT TEA… because it was sooo cold out.

Then we made our way over to the movie theatre and bought our tickets for “It’s Complicated”. Such a great movie. It seems that’s all Mike’s willing to do when we are hear…. everything else is such a battle to do:(

Then on our way home, we thought we’d see if Safeway Grocery Store was still open for some food. Well it wasn’t:( so we went home.

Where I had the left over Garden Green Salad and Potatoes & Onions for dinner. Then for dessert, I remembered we had Berries in the frig, so I made a Berry Parfait with Flaxseed and Whipped Topping.

The whipped topping followed by a piece of Hershey’s Chocolate Bar with Nuts & Peanut Butter were my absolute downfalls. And my stomach reminded me later of what I’d done!

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