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At 9AM this morning, we had a meeting with our real estate agent here in Santa Monica, and I got up later than I anticipated so I didn’t have time for a workout. But instead we rushed over the Fairmont Hotel to me Petra. When we got there, she was waiting for us on the sidewalk in front of the Fig Restaurant entrance. It was great to see her, we had been e-mailing back and forth about properties this year, but it was still nice to meet face to face with her.

It so happens, Petra is from Hungary(she was born there, I’m 1st generation American/Hungarian born in the U.S.) and it’s nice to meet up with people from my nationality. It’s not often I get to do so, so it’s nice when it happens. Plus, Petra is very pleasant and I found out this morning she also just recently went Raw too. After several days of people questioning my position to not eat meat, it was a relief to find someone who’s been getting the same flack from everyone too. Petra’s been getting flack from her mother, friends, and other family members for her decision, but like me, she agrees it just feels good to Eat Raw! She exclaims she has more energy then before and she just feels better, physically and mentally. And I agree with her on all those points. So why can’t everyone else see that and just be happy and try it for themselves.????

After we parted ways with Petra, Mike and I continued to do some running around until 1 in the afternoon… And by that time, I was famished. We raced home to eat a special dish Mike’s mom cooked for us yesterday. It’s a Vegetable based stew with Noodles… Mike actually made the same thing for me once in Florida, but this was 100 times better. While we were out, we stopped into Costco, where I picked up some Whole Grain Wheat Bread to go along with this afternoons dish. Perfect pairing!!!

But now, as we sit around the house visiting with Mike’s other sister and waiting for his brother to stop by, I can feel the bread weighing on my stomach. Tonight after dinner, will be reason for another walk around Santa Monica. Speaking of dinner, I hope we have some more of the Vegetable Stew…. or we could have left overs from other meals we’ve have this week already. Mike’s mom is keeping us in suspense.!!!

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