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As we checked in yesturday… I eyed the Whole Foods Store across the Interstate and was jumping up and down inside. In Florida, I realized Whole Foods has a Juicing Station and I assumed all the Whole Foods Groceries have them. I was mistaken. This morning we drove over to the Whole Foods across from our hotel room and there wasn’t a Juicing Station.

Saddened by the news, we went over to Einstein Bros. Bagels and I had a Caramel Frappucino, and a Whole Grain Wheat Bagel with Honey Butter. 😦

But then we decided to go down to King Soopers, another grocery chain in the state and found some 100% Carrot Juice and 100% Veggie Juice Mix drinks. So we bought them, looking to replace my daily juicing needs. To verify just how natural and organic these juices are… we called the 800 number on the bottle and found out that the only additives in these juices are salt, and only for the Veggie Mix Juice. The Carrot Juice has no additional additives. YEAH!!!!

So my juicing concerns are taken care, I’ve got my Barley Max… and now we’re going over to my brothers place to hang out and have lunch. Then it’s over to my step brothers place for dinner. Busy Busy Busy!!!

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