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My back is feeling better. But I don’t want to take any chances this time. We’ve got tickets to go the Kennedy Center for New Year’s Eve. I’m very excited about that. So, I’m not moving around much today and staying on the heating pad.

I took my vitamins and am drinking Carrot Juice already… I’m a bit hungry and grabbed a piece of Whole Wheat Bread to nibble on with some Hummus. In a while I’ll go back down stairs to fix lunch…

Sabra Hummas

Hummas Snack

Last night, I was feeling better and Mike wanted to go do some running around, so I geared up and got in the car. But what he wanted to do is go to Costco and shop and walk around. Well, my back was throbbing and I kind of let him know it! So we ended up fast forwarding through the Costco Experience and went straight home. Too much…. too soon!!

For dinner, I was in the kitchen unloading dishes from the dishwasher (another bright idea!) And Mike’s son wanted to make his own dinner… Pasta Alfredo! We bought some white sauce previously from Costco and already had the red sauce, so he mixed the two together to make a Tequila Sauce. I suggested he cut up some mushrooms and blanche them in the Pasta water… and there was his meal.

I made a bowl of the Green Salad and I wanted to bake a Sweet Potato but Mike wanted to grill the Potatoes with Onions. So I chopped up the Sweet Potatoes and Onions. Added Paprika, Garlic Powder and some Olive Oil and Mike took it to grill.

After I finished my salad, Mike wanted some and I asked him to serve himself. And after he ate his salad… he checked on the Potatoes and I made myself a bowl of them to eat. And straight up to the heating pad I went…. amazingly enough today my back doesn’t hurt as bad. Yeah!!!

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Blizzard of 09' in D.C. Area

Shoveled Snow at House

Blizzard of 09' in D.C. Area

Shoveled Snow at House

Friday night, the Washington D.C. metro area got hit with snow that didn’t stop until Saturday night. That means we got over 26 inches of snow. Before the snow came Friday, we went to go see a movie (Did You Hear About the Morgans?) in dry conditions and by the time the movie let out, it was snowing and traffic was backed up as far as the eye could see.

Luckily, we made it home slow and safe as we watched others on the commute who were so lucky. There were a handful of cars already on the side of the road and others sliding through traffic to make it to there destination.

Since I didn’t get my workout on Friday, Saturday I thought I’d get a workout by shoveling the 12 or so inches that had already fell. By this time everything was closed, so I figured so was the Pilates Gym. The snow didn’t stop until Sunday morning, so I went out again and started shoveling. But this time, I over did it and got hurt from lifting that heavy snow. 😦

So I took it really easy…. laying in bed with a heating pad and taking Advil. Monday, I was feeling much better and so we went to the Leesburg Outlet Mall… Did a bunch of walking and felt good. Today(Tuesday) we went out and got caught in a bunch of traffic while we dropped off drying cleaning, hit Costco, and stopped off at TJMaxx. Needless to say, not feeling too good, so I’m laying here with the heating pad and making my blog entry.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back on track with Pilates, or even doing some crunches and weights at home???? It’s a bit frustrating and makes eating a real challenge, because I’m not able to work it off.

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