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Pineapple Salsa

Pineapple Salsa

OMG!!! I can’t believe that I did this.

Mike and I went to my girlfriend Robin’s house for a house warming she was having Saturday Afternoon.  So, I got up with every intention of making some salsas with the VitaMix to take to her party!

I made the Tropical Avocado Salsa – Again. Which turned out even better the second time???

Plus, I made a Pineapple Salsa:


1Can Cut Pineapples

2Tbls. Olive Oil

1/2Small Onion, Peel

1/2Orange Bell Pepper

2Tbls. Cilantro

1/2 Lime, peeled

1/2Tsp salt

1/4 Jalapeno Pepper


Oh they tasted soooo good. I also brought along some Tortilla Chips and some Ritz Crackers for dipping. After finishing the dips and running some last minute errands, we arrived at Robin’s house around 1pm.

I met Robin’s parents, her in-laws; it was such a lovely time. And Robin had out her appetizers (my salsas) and then a lunch which consisted of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, shrimp gumbo, and a big Strawberry Salad. I had every intentions of eating. In fact I was snacking on my dips that I had brought. But as the afternoon went on, my glass of wine kept getting filled (Not once was my glass of wine empty for more than 10 seconds) and before I knew it, it was around 7 or 8 pm in the evening. 

Well, Mike had to pull me away from the festivities which had winded down to an almost screeching halt and drive home. Needless to say, I jumped right into bed and passed out when I got home.

The next morning, I woke up feeling sluggish and brandishing a headache from the night before. I didn’t do much, but watch movies and drink some Fruit Smoothies, Juice and water. I did have enough energy to get up and make my own version of a Strawberry Salad for lunch and for dinner, Mike got take out from The Outback Restaurant. I ordered a Baked Potato and had some more of my Strawberry Salad.

Barbara’s Strawberry Salad:


Baby Green Lettuce


1Cup Cut Mushrooms

3Green Onions


1Small Bunch Broccoli

6Strawberries Fresh Cut

Oil & Vinegar Dressing

Directions: Wash, cut up all vegetables and fruit and mix into salad bowl. Pour Oil & Vinegar on individual serving.

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When I wasn’t studying for my Real Estate 14-hour continuing education test…. I was able to make some surprises with my VitaMix. I have to admit, while I was studying I managed to eat some Candy Corn from Halloween and today (Friday) I had some mini Tootsie Rolls. But on the other hand, no white wine or eating out.

So hear are the VitaMix Creations I made (Wednesday):

Wednesday I made Hummus and a Tropical Avocado Salsa… both were fabulous. ! They were so great; I managed to have both for dinner with some Triscuts.

VitaMix Hummus

VitaMix Hummus



2 Cans Chick Peas

1/4Cup Raw Sesame Seeds

1Tbls. Olive Oil

1/4Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

1Garlic Clove

1Tsp. Cumin


Drain Chick Peas and rinse, Peel Garlic and add all ingredients in VitaMix. Select Variable 1 and turn machine on and quickly increase speed to 10. Blend for about 1 minute.

Tropical Avocado Salsa

Tropical Avocado Salsa

Tropical Avocado Salsa:


2 Avocados

1Cup Mango Chunks

1/4Cup Onion, Peeled, Chopped

1/4Cup Cilantro Leaves

1/2Medium Orange, Peeled


Peel Avocados, Oranges, Mango and chop along with Cilantro leaves and add ingredients into VitaMix.  Select Variable 1 and turn machine on and quickly increase speed to 4. Blend for about 5-10 seconds. 

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I forgot we ate Mexican Food on Saturday night! We went to Tyson’s Mall and ate at a place where I had not been in a long time. We went to LaSardie Mexican Restaurant and before anything, I ordered a Margarita. Yum Yum Yum !

After the Margarita I ordered a Guacamole side made fresh at tableside. It’s so yummy, with the Avocado, Tomato, Onion and Cilantro. We ate that with Tortilla Chips for a Starter. For the main course, Mike wanted Fajitas with Shrimp and I ordered a side of Roasted/Grilled Garden Vegetables.  I made sure to sneak a couple shrimp from Mike to make two Tortilla Wraps with my Vegetables.

After dinner, we walked around the mall a little when the food was started to talk back to me. We ended up taking in a movie; this one was the new release of “Leap Year”.  During the entire movie, I was unfortunately very uncomfortable and even through the evening. I didn’t eat much, but whatever it was, it was talking back to me something fierce.!

This time at the movies, no White Cherry Slush drink or Popcorn…. which is good because the last time we went to the movies that’s exactly what I had. It sure does seem like we see a lot of movies… I guess I’m grateful I get that!

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