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I’ve successfully went over a year mark(Sept. 1, 2010) and I’m still eating raw and keeping weight off !. I have to admit though, I do fall from the wagon and when I do it’s not a pretty site. I go on these binges for dairy, fried foods, and the only one who suffers is ME!  And as I have mentioned in earlier blogs, I started eating fish in my diet.  Not every day, maybe once or twice a week. I make sure not to overload, because of the mercury scare.

Recently, we went to my cousins wedding in Orangeville, Ontario. That’s about an hour of so outside of Toronto, and it was so beautiful. I have to admit, I’d never been to Orangeville. My family spent most of our time in the Welland, Ontario area… and traveled to Toronto and Montreal only on special occasions. But getting back to the wedding, there was more than enough beer and wine flowing, and the way my nerves were rattled from the ride up to the resort, I indulged in 1 or 2 extra glasses of wine than I should have.

When it came to dinner… I was so amazed at the service from the resort! We missed the R.S.V.P. time slot, so we weren’t able to check what kind of meal we wanted. As it turns out, that was not  a problem. The wait staff were so generous and kind in there knowledge that I was a vegetarian, that they literally bent over backwards getting me the vegetarian meals on the menu. That was very nice and thoughtful on the part of our individual server… she was really great!!!!

Then in August, we went to another wedding. This one was from Mikes side of the family and it so appreciative of my eating habits. We were able to R.S.V.P. well in advance, but there was no selection of vegetarian meal.  So, I selected the Salmon and it was a really good meal, except for the cream sauce it was served with. 😦

And when you are hungry, your stomach and your eyes take over the fight and I pretty much lose the battle everytime.!

Even though I am working out…. walking and doing my pilates, I still have to be vigilant in what and when I eat. In an effort to not be starving, I have to remember to eat healthy snacks throughout the day, and be mindful of eating as much raw food as possible at a meal.!

Even as long as I’ve been eating raw, it’s unbelievable to me that my body still craves bad foods. Seeing fried foods, cheeses and other dairy foods are toxic to me the vegetarian as well as me the human. Because these foods really do a number on my system…. but I still feel compelled to eat them regardless of any aches, pains, and backups!

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I juiced and filled my two mugs for the road… and I also packed a quick leftover meal from Moby Dicks’ to eat while we drive to Philadelphia.  I’m glad I did, because my Veggie Wrap was the most I ate… next to all the Bombay Sapphire and Tonics I inhaled.

I actually had 3 cocktails throughout the pre-wedding night. And I felt I should indulge, because I looked good in my new dress.

I especially looked good walking through the Buffet Line and taking little to nothing. I kept real close to my raw eating plan. There were some fried foods on the line and cheeses, but I didn’t indulge. I ate the fresh Veggies on the line, I had some Tortilla Chips, and some stuffed crab stuffed mushrooms.

In addition to the alcohol I drank during the night, at the hotel, I ate two cupcakes. I didn’t eat enough good food, so I got really hungry and indulged.:(

Sunday, we got up to attend the mid morning wedding and brunch that followed. This was the day I got a whole bunch of good raw foods inside of me. After the lovely wedding we snacked on a buffet of fresh carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli and salsas. I had a plate full of some of the different salsas with crackers and the veggies. I thought that was going to be the brunch, but the staff had us eating that while they prepared the brunch buffet.

It was a typical breakfast brunch with grapes, and pineapples. I made myself a bagel and locks with butter, onions, capers and tomatoes. It was delicious!!!! And of course I had a piece of wedding cake, which was, Carrot Cake.

For dinner that night, I made some crab cakes with carrots, celery and seasonings for Mike and his sun. And for me I roasted some Asparagus in Olive Oil with chopped Onions, Cumin, and Paprika. I scooped out a little Hummus and dipped it with some Whole Wheat Bread. Then I ate the remaining pieces of Carrot Cake Wedding Cake I snuck out of Philadelphia.

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