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In the middle of my brisk walk this morning… I got hit with some rain. So I picked up the pace and ran home the rest of the way.

I made my Mid Morning 8oz Juice of Carrot, Celery, Cucumbers and then headed off to the shower. Again this morning I had some appointments in Daytona to attend to in the morning. Then my afternoon was open to work from home.

Wednesday 8 Wendy's Salad & Apple

Wednesday 8 Wendy's Salad & Apple

For Lunch I remembered that Wendy’s had a nice Garden Salad, so on my way home, I stopped in and got at Garden Salad. I took it home and proceeded to eat the salad on a pile of papers in my office and grabbed an Apple to enjoy as well.

Then I hit the Walmart, to do a more extensive shopping adventure.

Mid Afternoon 8oz Juice of Carrot, Celery, Spinach

I finally got my Barley Max shipment in the mail…

Barley Max

Barley Max

30 Minutes before Dinner 1Tsp Barley Max Powder mixed with 4-8oz Distilled Water.

Dinner was a medley of green goodness…

Wednesday 8 Green Beans, Spinach Salad, Veggie Sandwich

Wednesday 8 Green Beans, Spinach Salad, Veggie Sandwich

Green Bean Delight:


1/2lb of Green Beans

1Tsp Olive Oil

Dried Onion Flakes


Celctic Salt

Directions: Clean and Cut ends of Green Beans. Pour them into boiling water and blanch for about 2-4 minutes.  Remove from heat, strain and add olive oil and seasonings

Spinach Salad:


Handful of Spinach Leaves


2Green Onions

Dried Organic Cranberries

Seedless Sunflower Seeds

Directions: Wash spinach leaves, slice raddish, and green onions and mix into bowl with cranberries and sunflower seeds. Add dressing of your choice. I picked something out of the refrigerator.. a Wish Bone Italian Dressing.

Hummas Veggie Sandwich:



Whole Wheat Bread, 2 slices

1 Yellow Bell Pepper, Seeded and Sliced

1 Cucumber, Sliced

Directions: Sliced Whole Wheat Bread, apply Hummus to the bread and layer with sliced vegetables.

And it was time to watch the season finale of Dancing With The Stars… Nicole’s sure to win it!!!

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I woke up happy to be in Florida and decided, since I won’t have time for a Pilates Class this morning, I will take a quick walk around the neighborhood. I went for a quick 45 minute walk and jumped in the shower.

Breakfast… was just some water and vitamin supplements, because I was still waiting on my Barley Max order.

I didn’t make  a Mid Morning  8oz Juice because we were out of all the ingredients. So I made a mental note to stop off at the grocery store for a quick run in to get some Carrots and Celery.

I drove down to Daytona for some appointments and then headed over to meet a friend of mine at her office.

Tuesday 7 Zen Bistro Phad Thai Lunch

Tuesday 7 Zen Bistro Phad Thai Lunch

We decided to hit our local lunch spot, Zen Bistro for my  usual Veggie Phad Thai Dish. I get the noodles with no eggs and the peanuts on the side and enjoy.

I headed back up to Palm Coast, stopped off at the grocery store and headed back to the house to make my Mid Afternoon 8oz Juice of Carrot, Celery, Cucumbers.

Then I went back out to get my hair done…. it was a long time coming for this haircut.!

I got home and tried to feel out the situation for dinner. Mike decided on dinner at the Outback Restaurant, which was fine with me, because I didn’t have to make anything.

Outback Restaurant Glass of White Wine

Outback Restaurant Glass of White Wine

We got there after picking up one of Mike’s other sons… and I had a Glass of White Wine and had some bread and butter while we waited for our meals to come out. I had some of Mike’s Garden Salad before my  Norwegian Salmon with Steamed Veggies came to the table. It was a really great meal, however, I could really taste the butter in the veggies and in the salmon. It was a bitt of a system shocker.!

Outback Restaurant Bread

Outback Restaurant BreadTuesday 7 Norwegian Salmon Outback Dinner

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We got up early… Monday morning and started getting ready for our journey back down to Florida. I showered and packed up the rest of my bathroom supplies and headed downstairs to make my juice for my Mid Morning and Mid Afternoon drinks.

Breakfast was a 1tsp of Barley Max Powder mixed with 4-8oz of Distilled Water. And that was it for the Barley Max.!!!

And we hit the road at 7:30am… it was much later than we wanted to be leave, but Mike didn’t get up any earlier so that’s when we left.

Mid Morning 8oz Juice Carrot, Celery, Cucumber

Lunch was Apples until I was satisfied.

Mid Afternoon 8oz Juice Carrot, Celery, Cucumber

Here’s where it all went to pot… at dinner. We just pulled off the interstate at our exit in Palm Coast and we decided to go to Wendy’s. I didn’t want to cook anything and they have a really great $1 menu. I ordered a Garden Salad, Baked Potato and a Fish Filet Sandwich.!!!

I know, but I had this really strong craving for the sandwich. It seems these days, I get really strong cravings for food and I can’t say no. It’s like I haven’t eaten in so long, it feels like my stomach is going to come out of my body and take over. I feel so ravaged by hunger, I eat anything and everything that’s not good for me.!! I don’t know how to cure this, but with little healthy snacks throughout the day?!?!

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