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It’s been tough getting up early to get to the Pilates Classes here in Palm Coast. And this morning, like every morning this week I had good intentions… but didn’t make it to Pilates. Instead, I took a brisk walk around the neighborhood for about an hour. I made Mike get up and get on his new bike and ride along with me. He fizzled out early and went back to the house to take a shower.. but that didn’t stop me.

I really have to make a change… because I’m still stuck at the 170 marker on the scale and I’ve got less than three months to get to the 143lbs. I’m shooting for!!!

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Mike decided to make another meal form his mother’s book of recipes…. this one was even better than the last time he made this same dish three weeks ago. In Persian (farce) it’s called Asha Reshteh… which is basically a vegetarian dish. And Tuesday afternoon we sat down with his daughter and enjoyed the dish with some Whole Grain Wheat Bread. The reason I think this last preparation of the Asha Reshteh is so much better, because it was soupier. Otherwise with the noodles, vegetables and beans get so overwhelming the dish really needs more soupiness. 

Mike's Asha Reshteh

Mike's Asha Reshteh

Mike’s Asha Reshteh

Red Kidney Beans

White Beans

Chick Peas







Whole Wheat Noodles


Wash and Chop up vegetables and put into pot with drained beans and lentils. Add 8 cups of water and put on heat for 1 or so. Boil noodles and add them at the end of the process.

 For dinner, Mike and I were out and took a ride down to Daytona. I wanted to check out a movie (Bounty Hunter) and we were an hour too early for the next showing. So Mike decided to go across the street to Chili’s Restaurant where we had Happy Hour cocktails and some munchies.

Carafe of White Wine

Carafe of White Wine

I had of course the white wine 2 for 1 and a small Asian Salad with no cheese or creamy vinaigrette dressing. I asked for Oil and Vinegar instead and Mike had the Chicken Nachos. While we waited for our food, we snacked on some chips and salsa.

Then when we got back home…. I felt so overwhelmingly hungry and had a small dish of the Asha Reshteh with a piece of Whole Grain Wheat Bread. Maybe not such a good idea because I felt so heavy in my stomach… it was uncomfortable.

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