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Fresh Vegetable Salad

Fresh Vegetable Salad

I love it when I can go out and still eat the foods I was able to eat before I took out dairy, meat and sugar from my diet.

Phad Thai Lunch

Phad Thai Lunch

This afternoon, I met up with a friend of mine at a Thai restaurant. I was still able to have my usual Phad Thai dish. But this time I chose the Vegetable Phad Thai with no Egg.

And the best part, it was still great. Infact, I ate the rest of the left over later in the afternoon before I left the house on some more errands.

This evening, I drank my afternoon juice which I’ve been putting Beats into to help my circulation. I love Beats!!!!

Then I went into the refrigerator and ate the little bit of left over Fresh Vegetable Salad I made the other night. A very light food day today. Something to be proud of.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the Anytime Fitness Gym to check out there 7:45AM Pilates class. Still no Reformer Class to be found here in Palm Coast.:(


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