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Sunday’s Vegetable Rice Soup turned into my Monday afternoon lunch. ONLY after I went to a Pilates class. I did take the Intermediate Class… but no problems so far. Not even my muscles are aching uncontrollably.

Vegetable Soup

Monday's Vegetable Soup Too

I did get more of a workout in my arms and shoulders today.. so of course that area is more sensitive, if you will.!!!

Dinner tonight, was a bit out of the ordinary. I went with my craving to have a Salmon Kabob. Mike had called the Kabob restaurant and I was licking my lips for a Salmon Kabob with Dill and Lima Bean Rice. It was sooooo good. I had two Pieces of Salmon and a couple spoonfuls of the rice.

Salmon Kabob

Salmon Kabob

I drank my Vedge Juice, which was quite filling after dinner, but I desired something else. And when Mike’s son asked for chocolate, I went on a search for the Ferraro Chocolates.

Ferrero Chocolates

Ferrero Chocolates

So sinful this dessert was. I know I’m going to pay for it, one way or another. 

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