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Bright and early Tuesday morning, we got up to California time and living. It’s been six months since we were here and it felt good to be here in Santa Monica. Mike and I got up somewhat early and started doing our laundry, hit the dry cleaners and ran around Santa Monica doing errands.

We came home to have Mike’s sister waiting to visit with us. It was nice to catch up, the last time we saw her was the summer and her youngest daughter was getting married. We caught up over a traditional dinner of Soup, Green Salad and White Rice. Afterwards, I was so full, still from the night before that I needed to get out and walk. So Mike’s sister agreed and we walk down to 3rd street and back. It was very energizing and got the juices flowing, so to speak.

Wednesday, I continued the momentum with a brisk run along Ocean Avenue. It was great!!! I followed my almost 1 mile run with another 1mile plus walk around the neighborhood and managed to clear my head from all the negativity others have been talking to me about my new way of eating.. For dinner we went to Mike’s cousins house in Tarzana and we ate Green Salad, Veggie Stir Fry with Tofu, and a Persian dish Gormazabsi with Beef but I picked out the meat. No Wine, I just drank Green Tea. Which wasn’t good, because of the caffeine. But at least at his cousins house, my raw food eating plan was met with excitement and positive encouragment. Simply, because she’s cutting down on her meat intake as well. Boy it’s funny how many people I’m running into who are changing there eating habits, from eating meat to not eating meat anymore!!!!

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