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SO this was a big day, Saturday morning, no breakfast and finally some real fresh juice!!!

After I made my juice for the day, I went to the farmers market to load up for the week on Beets, Carrots, Celery, and some other little extras. From there, we went on a journey up north to Jacksonville, where we took my cousins to Cheesecake Factory. That’s were I said no to a glass of wine, and buckled down with my eating. I had Water, Hummus, Pita Bread, Avocado Rolls(not the best selection because they’re fried) and then a Beet Salad to round it out. Then we followed our journey further north to Amelia Island for cocktails at the Ritz Carlton. I had a Frangelica on Ice and Mike had a Heinekan after we got there. But my cousin Chris was not feeling so well.

I think he had some residual motion sickness… which is continuing on into today(Sunday). I sent them over to the pool to relax a little and I will be joining them for some games of Mexican Train! It’s a great new game they learned while they were visiting my brother in Colorado.!!

But before I go… I must relay some good news… I weighed myself again this morning and I’m at 173lbs. !!!! To celebrate I had my mid morning juice and a Blueberry Muffin. I know… NOT GOOD!!!!

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What A Great Cruise!!!

We came back Friday night.. and topped our excursion off with a meal at Ruby Tuesday’s. Which was just fine with me… becuase I had the salad bar.

Fat Tuesdays on the Beach

Embarckation Meeting

Leaving Key WestDiane's BirthdayDocking in Cozumel, Mexico

Diane's Birthday

Then the next morning, I weighed myself at 176lbs. I gained 4lbs on the cruise. And I know exactly what I did to deserve those 4 additional pounds.

Docking in Cozumel, MexicoCozumel Sunset

First, I drank recklessly… just about every night, before, during and after dinner. It was mostly white wine… and then on our Mexican excurision I threw in a frozen drink and than another time on board I had the drink of the day!!! Second, I had dessert 2 times. Tuesday night I had Pineapple, Orange, and a Green Sherbert  Bowl after my Salad, Soup and Steamed Veggies. Then the following night I had some Coffee Cream Cheese Cake and Tarrimisu(?). Third, I ate a breakfast of Cream of Wheat, Cantalope, and Honey Dew,  it’s a meal I usually don’t indulge in. And towards the end of the cruise I began indulging in hashbrowns and croissants with breakfast. But I must say, outside of the three bads I committed, eating Raw on a cruise isn’t as hard as you may think. I brought along with me my powdered Barley Max, Beet Powder and Carrot Powder(in place of my juicing) and it wasn’t a stretch to mix my powders and eat balanced. For example, for lunch I had a choice from at least one food item in the  buffet. There was a Salad Bar every day. And a Grill, where I opted out of selecting a meat with my veggie stir fry. Plus, something new on the cruises, is a Deli station where I got a veggie wrap. And as agonizing as I thought the dinners would be, I had quite a easy time selecting  my evening meal!!!  I did get some stares from the wait staff. And the constant question, is that all you’re having??? After the second night, you’d think they’d stop asking after I gave them my order of Green Salad, Soup, and a Baked Potato or Steamed Veggies. The Soups everynight were a selection of creamy and vegetable based. And on the menu, the chef’s created a Spa Selection, offering customers a healthier and  lighter meal.  

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