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Closed Kitchen

That’s right, as my cousin Chris’ birthday gift to his wife Diane… I helped him orchestrate this surprise Carribean Cruise for her and we’re going with them!!! So until Friday the kitchen will be closed, while we go on our Carribean Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico!!!!

I’m very excited to be going with my cousins, and taking on this eating challenge. These cruise ships are known for their huge variety and endless supply of food… and I’ve made a promise to myself to behave and excersize while I’m on the cruise.  I will be taking notes of my food intake and as many pictures as I can.  I’d like to be able to blog as I go, but it’s too expensive to get on the ships wifi… so you will have to trust I will not fall into endless temptations while I’m cruising.

This honestly will be a bit of a challenge, because the several times we’ve gone on cruises, I’ve been able to eat what I wanted. But at the same time, I still watched and managed my intake. What I feel will be the trouble spots are the evening dinners and the liquor. I’ve already prooved to myself I can’t handle it from Saturday night’s actions. And you know we’re smuggling wine and beer on the cruise for us to enjoy… fingers crossed it won’t be like Saturday night’s 4am wine drinking festival.!!!! Until next week.

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They finally arrived and it’s been a run down memory lane with Chris and Diane. I’ve also been able to tell them my new eating plan… they actually questioned it, when they saw me drinking the Dark Green Barley Max. And they were like, what’s that??? So I educated them on what the Barley Max is, and why I’m drinking it. They looked a little dumb founded, but they got used to it.

After our catchup session Friday night, we got in the car and hit the road to Orlando for some sight seeing and lunch and Bahama Breeze. We first ordered some cocktails, and I had the Bahamarita…. it’s my favorite drink there and I ‘m sure loaded with sugars galore.


Canadian Cousins In Town

Here are the cousins…. Chris with the ball cap on and his wife Diane and me. Mike took the picture for us…. and here’s the Bahamarita!!!


BahamaRita Drink

But I managed to stay on track with a Green Salad and some Flat Bread… which I forgot to ask how it would be prepared and got a surprise. It was grilled with Cheese, Tomatoes, and Basil…. I picked off the some the Cheese and just ate it. I suffered a bit afterwards from the dairy hitting my system, but what are you going to do?????

For dinner, we managed to make it back to the house and we had some left overs from Friday nights Pasta, Cabbage, and Carrots creation that Mike made. I whipped up a little Raw Veggie Salad, which was a spin off of my lunch with Robin a couple of weeks earlier.

Raw Veggie Salad:

1Red Bell Pepper

1Bunch of Broccoli

3Pickle Cucumbers

1Can Chick Peas

6tsp Olive Oil

6tsp White Wine Vinegar


Don’t let me forget about after dinner…. we played a new game(to me) Mexican Train and drank 3 bottles of White Wine until 4am. So this morning, I’m hanging pretty low key. Mike’s making Eggplant with Meat and Potatoes, but I’ve already taken the roasted Eggplant aside that I’ll be eating before he adds the Meat. I’m also going to finish up the Raw Veggie Salad from last night and the cousins are going to finish the left over Chicken with the Eggplant tonight!


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