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New Measurements

Today, I measured myself after Robin and I did so a couple of weeks ago.

We measured me in at:

Chest 44″

Waist 38″

Hips 44″

Today the numbers come back with a 2 to 3 inch change.

Chest 41″

Waist 36″

Hips 41″

I guess it goes to show there is a reason why my size 12 pants are getting really really lose on me… I’m going to go upstairs now and drink my Barley Max and figure out  a fit lunch to eat.!

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On Temptation Island

I’ve been noticably missing these past 5 days. And rightfully so!

I had become tempted by sugars, alcohol, and cheeses. SO, the only right thing to do was keep in hiding until I pulled myself off this Temptation Island on was living on.

It started this weekend, when Mike had his kids and grandkids over to the house. The weekend started out pretty good…. then I ran out of my Barley Max on Saturday.

So Sunday, I went without that and managed to pick and choose some really healthy meals.                                                                                          By Monday I was on a down hill spiral… Mike was expecting his childhood friend for a couple of days. We made a really good dinner, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Grilled Carrots & Asparagus with Olive Oil and Seasonings, and the men had some Halibut and Grupper Fillets. But before dinner ever started, we were indulging in some white wine.                                                                                                            Tuesday was off the charts,  I had Pizza for lunch(Restaurant Style), a Greek Salad and water. For dinner we all three went out and drank white wine with Bruscetta and a Meditteranian Salad. We came home and had Lime Cake with Whipped Cream and a Berry Compost.   Wednesday returned to some normalcy, when my Barley Max came in the mail. I ate my left over Meditteranian Salad for lunch and then for dinner, I had some cut up Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Cucumbers, and Tomotoes with Oil and Vinegar dressing. For dessert, I did fall. I had some Trailmix and some Berry Sorbet. 


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