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On A Roll

It seems I’m on a roll of losing weight. Everyday, curiouse to see if there’s been a change in my weight I get on the scale, and I’ve lost another pound. It’s amazing to see the numbers falling by the wayside, but then I start to think, why is this really happening???

I’m not doing anything extraordinary to make the pounds dissappear! I haven’t stepped up my workout plan, infact I’ve cut back a little. The portions of foods I’m eating hasn’t changed. In fact, in these last couple of days, I’ve eaten questionable amounts of food.

 Like yesterday, we stopped off at Wendy’s for a Garden Salad with Italian Vinegarette and a Plain Baked Potato before hitting Costco for our weekly grocery shopping trip. Then we went to the airport to pick Mikes son up, who’s in for the weekend visiting.

Straight from the airport we headed home and relaxed a little. Steven got hungry after a while and I made some Salmon Fillets with Butter, Basil, Lemon Juice. Honey BBQ Chicken(from the freezer section) and I chopped up Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes and Mike grilled them outside with Olive Oil and Seasonings. For a little appetizer, I chopped up some Pickling Cucumbers, Carrots, and Crackers and made the Almond Butter Dip. For my dinner I ate my Garden Salad from the night before and some Potatoes. I couldn’t stop nibbling on the Potatoes, Appetizer and then I realized there was a piece of Pizza left over from last night, and I ate that too. Oh and let me not forget the little sample slice of Chocolate Cupcake I ate at Costco, while we were there shopping yesterday afternoon.!!!!!

So, you can see, what’ s going into my mouth is not necessarily causing me to lose weight… But then I had another A-HA moment! I realized this week, that I’d stopped eating all the Whole Wheat Bread with my meals and snacking on it in between meals. Plus, I’ve cut out the Dates and I’m just grabbing handfulls of Almonds to snack on throughout the day.

If that’s what’s causing the weight loss…. than so be it. No more Whole Wheat Bread Snacks or Date Snacks.


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