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Dropped Another Pound

It’s amazing, I stepped on the scale just for fun and I lost one more pound today. Putting me at a solid 172lbs!!! I’ve stopped working out at night and am watching closely what I’m eating. But this really shocked me, because Mike made pizza again last night(he’s got to stop making this!) and I again over indulged. That’s why I really got on the scale, to see how much damage I’d done.!!

At my friend Robins house, she made the best and most convenient lunch… After running around doing errands with her. One of the stops was Nature’s Food. A little health food store in her  Ormond Beach neighborhood for some Tomotoes, Basil, Watermelon and some other groceries. Little did I know, that was what we were going to have for lunch. 

Literaly, we had a Raw Vegetable Medley:

1Yellow Bell Pepper

1Beef Steak Tomato

1 Carrot

1Small Head of Broccoli

6Fresh Basil Leaves

2Small Pickle Cucumbers

Oil & Vinegar for dipping the chopped up Veggies.

Then we had a bowl of chopped up Watermelon for dessert! It was the freshest, lightest, filling lunch. I really walked off to my next appointment satisfied until dinner.  Where I broke out the salad I made the day before, chopped up some Yellow & Red Tomatoes and had a conservative bowl of Green Salad with more than my share (1 piece) of Veggie Pizza. Again Mike made the Whole Wheat dough, the sauce was Ragu from a jar and he added some sugar to it, until I told him to stop. 

Topping the Veggie Pizza:

1Red Bell Pepper

1/2Red Onion


2Tbps of Sun Dried Tomatoes(from a jar)

There are recipes in my Recipe Book for Pizza and Pizza Dough, but apparently, I’m always beaten to the finish. But I happy and proud to have lost one more pound. It makes me feel like I can accomplish my goal. 🙂

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