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One More Pound Shed

That’s right, I’ve lost yet another pound. This one thought was a long and deliberated process, because for weeks I’ve been struggling to go down from 174lbs., but it just wasn’t happening. So yet again, I got on the scale this morning and came in at 173lbs. I feel great!!!!

What may have added to my weight loss, was the Corn Chowder (Raw) and maybe the fact that I didn’t work out last night????? I also cut back on the amount of times I ate Almonds and Dates too??? I’ve been eating about 3 Dates twice a day with a handfull of Almonds each time.  But since I’ve made a dent on the scale… I will be cutting back on those snacks and the portions I’m eating as well.!


Corn Chowder (raw)

Corn Chowder(Raw)

4Cups Fresh Corn Kernels

1Cup Zucchini

2 Medium Tomatoes

4Green Onions(I used 1/2Red Onion because I ran out of Green Onions)

1/2Bell Pepper

1Stalk Celery

1Cup fresh Carrot Juice

1/4tsp Thyme

1/2tbsp Celtic Salt

1/2tsp Basil

Cut the corn off the cob and chop up the rest of the veggies. Place 1/3 of the the ingredients in a blender, blend until creamy, and add to the chowder.

 I also chopped up a Green Salad again: Just for Dinner… or tomorrow.!


Green Salad

1/2 Box of Baby Green Salad

1/2 Cucumber

1Cup Palmagranites

1/2Celery Stalk

1/4Cup Red Onion

1/2Bell Pepper

1/2Cup Sliced Almonds

1/2Red & Yellow Tomatoes

Well, I’m off to spend the day with my girlfriend Robin…. until later.


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