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Orange Hands

I really noticed this the other day, when I was driving down to my doctors appointments. My hands had an orange tint to them. I thought to myself that’s odd. I hadn’t really noticed them like this before. So I brushed it off, until it happened again a couple of days later. I thought, well I had just finished peeling the carrots, celery, beets and apples to make my juice drinks for the day. Maybe it was that. But then today, my hands don’t have the orange tint to them?????

Then I remembered reading when I started the Raw Eating Plan… that carrots have I think the Beta Carrotene(?) in them that tints the skin. It’s not serious or dangerous for that matter. But I always thought yeah sure! because my skin wasn’t turning orange…. until now!

I thought that bared mention.. just because it’s now happening.!

Well, I finally finished the Garden Salad I made earlier this week. I ate it for dinner along with another batch of the Almond Butter. Boy that stuff is really good. I made this second batch a bit more spicey, maybe my metabolism will speed up! 🙂

Concentrated on my arms last night… and this morning I can feel the difference. They’re a little bit more stiff. But I’ve got to get the Michelle Obama arms!!!!!

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