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New Measurments

I spent the morning at my friend Robins house, becuase she needed a babysitter for a couple of hours. And afterward, she pampered me with a facial and make-up application. So we spent the rest of the morning  gabbing and catching up from our last meeting. We were sitting in the kitche before she gave me a make-over,  and we ate some Apples and Triscuts for lunch.

After she did my fabulous makeup… she asked if I knew how many inches I’ve lost??? And I had been meaning to measure myself, but just always forgot. So I asked her, do you have a tape measure or something we can measure my bust, waist and hips with??

Well it turns out, I’m not even close to the size I think I’ve slimmed down to. My measurements came out to be: Bust 42′, Waist 36′ and Hips 42′. I thought I was in the 30’s for everything.! I wonder what the numbers were when I was 10 plus pounds heavier?!?!??!?

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier we had Apples for lunch.. and that really does the trick. I got some literature(from my friend Robin) about fruit. And one of things it said to do, eat fruit on an empty stomach before any other food. This way all the nutrients can go to where they’re needed and it will also help you go the bathroom. That’s where I’m going now!

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