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I was getting low on my Barley Max, and kept forgetting to reorder more until yesterday. But that was too late, because I won’t get the order until tomorrow and today,  I’m out.

I wonder if that’s the reason why I’m feeling lathargic and sleepy.??? Could the Barley Max have that kind of impression on my body???? It’s filled with vitamins and nutrients, but enough to keep me feeling tired.

I mean, I’ve drank all my juice drinks and I actually ate my Green Bean left overs from the other day. And I just seem to be loosing energy all over the place.

For dinner, I’d like to go out to eat to get a little different scenery in my world today.

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So Many Left-Overs

I spent yesterday and today eating left overs. No new cooking for me today. Infact, I went so far as to even splurge on the Pizza with Cheese, Onion and Bell Pepper on White Bread.!!

But it wasn’t a totally wastefull splurge, I did walk around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes with Mike tonight. So, I’m not feeling too bad. Hopefully soon, I can start making some food. Some of my Veggies are ready to go bad on me!

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