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Before I posted the Juicing information, I decided to use what Cucumbers were left and make something with them for lunch. I was flipping through my “Recipes for Life” book and came upon the Cucumber Delight. Surprisingly enough, it was a delight. I halfed and scooped out the middle of each Cucumber and filled it with the rest of the ingredients. It was good! So good, that Mikes grandkids came over and enjoyed it as well. A bunch that normally doesn’t eat very much vegetables.  For the second dish I came upon the Pecan Loaf, which I hadn’t had in a while and it looked great!!

Cucumber Delight:

3 Cucumbers

2Cups Carrots

2 Green Onions

2Cups Celery

1/4Cup Dill Weed

1Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1tsp. Celtic Salt

 Pecan Loaf:

1Cup Pecans

1/4Tsp. Garlic Powder

1/2Cup Celery

1Cup Whole Grain Bread Crumbs

1Cup Basmati Rice

1/4tsp. Sage

1Small Onion

1Cup Tomato

1/2tsp. Celtic Salt

Put the Pecans in the blender and chop the rest of the ingredients. Steam saute Onions & Celery in distilled water. Finish cooking rice and combine all the ingredients in lecithin-coated loaf pan and bake at 350Degrees for 45 minutes.

For dinner, I will have the left over Lentil, Barley Stew and the  rest of today’s food. It’s so great.. luckily I’m making foods that are really tastey.

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What To Juice

An important rule of thumb to remember when your juicing, “juice vegetables and eat fruits”. Vegetable juices are the healers while fruit juices are the cleansers. According to Rhonda J. Malkmus, author or “Recipes for Life”, vegetables contain the “building blocks” that develope powerful, healthy muscles, tissues, glands and organs. Some of the exceptionally beneficial vegetables& fruits are:

Carrot Juice: a vital key and should be the base of all vegetable juices. Contains natural Vitamins B,C,D,E,K and Beta Carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A, as well as Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, and many other minerals and trace minerals. Carrot Juice contains Calcium and Magnesium, which help to maintain the intestinal walls and helps to strengthen bones and teeth. Carrot Juice also cleanses the liver.

Celery Juice: Contains Alkaline Minerals which have a very calming effect on the body’s nervous system. It also helps curb the desire for sweets. Celery Juice also contains Organic Sodium combined with many minerals the body requires.

Parsley Juice: is also nutritionally dense and is very concentrated, which is why it is mixed in combination with other vegetables.

Bell Peppers: have a very hearty flavor with can be dominant in juice. Peppers are rich in Vitamin C and also Beta Carotene.

Broccoli: contain a copious amount of Beta Carotene as well as many other valuable nutrients that make it a powerful cancer-fighting food.

Beets & Beet Greens: are very cleansing to the body and help to build strong blood cells as well as cleanse the kidneys. Beet juice is very beneficial during the menstrual cycle.

Spinach: is a rich source of Vitamins A & E as well as a wonderful source of  Iron. Spinach has a high usable protrein. Spinach should never be juiced alone.

Parsley, Kale and Leaf Lettuce: are extremely high in nutrients and are usually added to other  juices.

Cucumber Juice: is a natural diuretic, is beneficial for those with rheumatic ailments, is high in Potassium, promotes hair and fingernail growth and helps to eliminate skin eruptions.

Melon Juices: are extremely beneficial. Melons of different varieties can be juiced together, but melons should not be mixed with any other juice.

Fruit Juices: too high in natural sugar to be consumed on a regular basis. However, raw fruit, when thoroughly chewed, digests very rapidly and provides the body with fiber. Fruits that contain pectin, such as apple and pear, contain a digestive aid that helps to regulate the body. Pectin is more easily obtained when the fruit is eaten rather than juiced. Drink citrus juice in moderation, because excess acidity can leach calcium from the body, leading to softened bones and teeth.

Apples: are the only fruits that should be mixed with carrot juice. Vegetable and fruit juices otherwise do not combine well and should not be mixed.

Tomatoes: are a fruit, most people think of them as a vegetables.

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I’ve been diligently juicing everyday, two times a day. Mixing Carrots, with Celery, Beets, Apples, Cabbage, and Spinach. I’ve gotten into a bit of slump juicing just the first 4 veggies, simply because they taste the best!

In the back of my head I’ve been thinking is that enough?? So I cracked my “Recipes For Life” book and found what Rhonda J. Malkmus author of the book had to say about this. She writes, Raw fruits are the best cleansers of the human body, and raw vegetables are the best feeders and healers. The reason for that, is that vegetables are higher in most nutritional content than fruit, especially mineral content. Raw fruits are great cleansers because they’re quickly digested and their fiber is able to flush out our system.

But juicing strips fiber content from the veggies/fruits, so how good is that?? Well, according to Malkmus it’s O.K., because  we can get much more nutrition to the cells of our bodies much quicker. That means, our bodies don’t spend so much time processing it.  Juicing enables our bodies to flush toxins stored in our cells and vital organs and create healthier ones.

Raw Vegetables offer-vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that are needed to rebuild our cells. Live foods make your hair shine, your skin becomes soft and glowing, your breath becomes fresh. Your body system begins to function better as it gets the live, fresh nutrients it’s been missing. Things like Beta Carotene, a known antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals before they can damage the “genetic blueprint” within each cell. Chlorophyll appears to fight tumor growth, especially in lungs. Chlorophyll works on the adrenal glands and cleans the lymph nodes, improving the blood and removing debris that clog the arteries. Plus it’s a deodorizer.

According to Malkmus, our bodies were built with an enzyme supply that is required to digest food. Sure we can survive on cooked-processed food diet, but our bodies start to break down. Food or juice heated over 107 degrees starts to lose the live enzymes and other vital nutrients are changed into unusable material. So we become lethargic because we’re not getting the vital nutrients to regenerate healthy cells. Disease then starts attacking the week and depleted immune system. So the juicing along with the BarleyMax are the most efficient way of getting large quantities of high-quality nutrition in the body without going through the long process of digestion.

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Whole Wheat Dough

For several weeks, Mike and I have been experiementing with Whole Wheat Dough and how to make it. The first batch we made was not very good, infact we threw it away. Then a couple of days ago, Mike tried to make it again with Whole Wheat Flower and Yeast. And it was a hit.

So yesterday, I made some pizzas and have dough left over enough to make two more. Mike wanted a Cheese, Onion Pizza and I wanted to make a pizza with the left over eggplant & baby peppers Mike Roasted a couple of days ago. The Tomato Sauce I made a week ago.

Tomato Sauce :

1Can Crushed Roma Tomatoes

3Cloves Garlic

1tsp. Oregano

3sprigs Basil

Celtic Salt

 Eggplant/Pepper Pizza:

1Roasted Eggplant

4Roasted Baby Peppers

1Red Bell Pepper

1/4Cup Sun Dried Tomatoes

It turned out to be very delicious. I think it was a bit too acidic because I got a breakout on the top of my mouth.. either that or the Pizza was too hot and I burned my mouth.!!? But my Pizza was soo good, I managed to eat the Pizza for lunch and dinner.!

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