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It amazes that after more than a month of eating Raw Foods and not deviating from that plan, people are still so intreaged by my dedication.

They ask me, how do you do it? You can honestly say you’re not eating meat? Don’t you miss the sugar and chocolate, etc.? Juicing everyday, that’s got to be difficult to do?

It’s all difficult, I tell them. But it’s a choice I’ve made to not eat meat and just eat raw foods. It’s taken me several years to get to the point I’m at right now. I’d say when asked, how did you do it?,  that one day I just started juicing and eating raw, but really it’s been a progression.

You have to be familiar with your body and what it tells you after the foods and liquids you put into it. My body was telling me Chicken, then Steak wasn’t working for me. I would feel uncomfortable and have pain in my stomach after eating these meats. And when my health started becoming an issue, as my weight climed higher,  I decided I’d had enough!

And that’s why it’s a conscience effort to embrace this change and make it as comfortable and easy for me as possible. I’ve learned to pre-juice my drinks in the morning and eat only vegetables in their rawest form. Don’t get me wrong, taking cheese, creamy foods, fish and chocolates out of my diet wasn’t easy. I still have urges and delicious smells still make my mouth water. Eating out has become somewhat of a challenge, but you learn where you can eat and where you can’t. And ultimately, your body will thank you for eating raw.!

I don’t feel as heavy after a meal, and my digestive track seems to be working regularly for once in my life.  I haven’t experienced loss of energy because I’m not eating meat, I just eat other foods that have the same nutrient values.

Today is a left over day again, eating Avocado Soup and a Mixed Green Salad for dinner.

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Great Raw Soup!!

The Avocado Soup was even better then the Tomato Soup I made earlier this week. Unfortunately, not everyone agreed. A couple of Mikes kids tried the soup, but didn’t take seconds, or for that matter, eat what they got for themselves.  So, I just have to stay confident and keep making my meals. Because I know they taste good and are good for me.!!!

For dessert, I had some cut up cantaloupe that I cut up earlier this week. Considering there was Ice Cream and Key Lime Pie traveling around the living.

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