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Avocado Soup

I had left over Tomato Soup for lunch.. it was so good I think I’ve eaten it now for 3 days.

But for dinner I made Avovado Soup:





1Green Onion

3Cloves of Garlic

1Cup Soup Stalk(made from veggies)

Celtic Salt

Chopped everything up and I put it in the blender until smooth.

I’m having more fun mixing up my menu now. Before I was scared to do anything outside of the 14 day eating plan when I started. But now I realize that I can pretty much mix and match, it’s become fun and less of a hassle.

My juicing has taken on the same mindset… I’ve pretty much kept away from the ingredients I’m not too found of and I stay with the mixes I like. Like Carrots, Apples, Celery, Beets, Spinach. These are my top 5 for now.

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I Did So Bad!!!

Making lunch yesterday,  I had left over Tomato Soup and I made Veggie Pizzas.

Whole Wheat Bread

Crushed Tomatoes


4 Sprigs Chopped Parsley

4 Sprigs Chopped Cilantro 


4 Cloves Garlic

 Celtic Salt

Left Over, Cabbage, Peas, Avocado Celery, Green Onion

It doesn’t sound so good, but it was tasty to me.

At the same time I heated up a Red Baron Thin Crust Cheese Pizza.  I managed to burn it because I forgot it was in there and I wasn’t ready to put my pizzas in the oven. After I took it out, it kept calling me and calling me and calling. And I finally gave into the temptations. I ate regular cheese pizza, forgot to take my evening Barley Max, Plus I didn’t workout. I did so bad!  

But it’s back on the wagon today. We’re having Mikes kids over for lunch. On the menu Steak, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Carrots with Butter and Maple Syrup. Obviously they don’t subscribe to the Raw eating plan… goodness knows I only tried, but it’s not taking. So I’ll make a Garden Salad, and have a Fruit Salad for dessert as they have there Ice Cream.

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