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Great Temptation

Went to the movies last night… saw the new Ricky Gervais(?) movie “The Invention of Lying”. It was O.K., but what I’m really blogging about is the fact that I didn’t get any popcorn or cherry slushy drink. That’s the usual for movie going. If not both, then definately the slushy.

So, I’m very proud I didn’t indulge in that craziness!! If was tough, because the freshly popped salted, buttered popcorn was thick in the air.

Got home late and on the way home picked up a small Green Salad and Mike had a piece of Cheese and Onion Pizza. Smelled so good in the car on the drive home.

ThisĀ  morning I’m sitting here in a pair of shorts that are sooooo loose on me. Just a month or two ago, these shorts were tight around my but and waist. They’re a size 12, which means I’m loosing inches. Yeah!!!!

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