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That’s right, I stepped on the scale this morning and noticed a different set of numbers popping up on the scale. 175lbs. I’m so excited the weight is going down! I was so worried that this raw eating plan was doing anything.. but after implementing the workouts! I’m on the move….

So this afternoon I am making, with leftovers, Raw Tomato Soup. I noticed some of the Tomatoes going bad, so I had to make something with Tomatoes for lunch.

I used the Blended Tomato, Garlic and Italian Seasoning from my Raw Veggie Soup and added:

1 Tomato

1 Avocado

Blend with the above leftovers and add chopped veggies and seasoning below.

1 Celery Stalk

1 Small Onion

1tsp of Lemon Juice

Sprinkle of Oregano

Sprinkle of Basil

Sprinkle of Celtic Salt

Blend to your desired consistancy

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Two meals today, and I created some good food. For lunch I looked over at the vegetable basket and noticed things getting wilted. I’ve been neglecting the veggies, because I’ve eaten out quite a bit lately.

So this afternoon, I opened my cook book and decided to make a Raw Vegetable Soup. I blended a tomato and garlic clove in the blender and chopped up Green Onion, Cucumber, Cabbage, and threw in an Avocado. I warmed the soup bowl up and poured the blended Tomato over the chopped up veggies. It was good.

I poured my Barley Max into my mid-afternoon Carrot, Celery, Bok Choy Juice because I was running late. So I drank my Juice and Barley Max before we attended a financial seminar, which was also serving dinner. I didn’t eat the 3 course meal including a Green Salad with Beets(the only thing I could eat!). Instead I waited until we got home and I made a Veggie Wrap with Green Salad, Bell Pepper, Hummus, Cabbage, Avocado(left over from Raw Veggie Soup)and I wrapped it in a Whole Wheat Wrap.

It feels good making meals again… I think I will start doing that again. And will continue my workout plan again tonight.!

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