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Left Overs Again

It seems that when I make something really good…. I just want to keep eating it!
That was the Salsa and Guacamole I made, which was initially part of the Tacos I made the other day. I had quite a bit of left overs and was going to make something with the Squash and Zucchini, but I didn’t.

Instead, I got a call from my girlfriend in Buffalo, who attended the Raw Foods Seminar and let me ask the person giving the seminar some questions. Before the Seminar took place, I was worried about the 14 day eating and how and what you eat after. I got that question answered, now I’m eating regular lunch and dinner Raw Meals. But I also had the quesiton what about Organic Wine… he said no. No matter what kind of alcohol it is, it’s not good. : -(

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On The Scale

I got on the scale this morning, just to see what’s going on…. and I lost another pound. I’m down to 176lbs. Yeah!!!! This is going good! I feel good, and it’s not so hard to accomplish.

After making my mid-morning and mid-afternoon drinks, Carrot, Beets and I added with the Carrots, Celery for the mid afternoon Juice, I noticed my Barley Max is running low. So I jumped on the internet to the Halleluha Acres website, where I’ve been purchasing the Barley Max, and noticed a Carrot and Beet Max powder for travel. I thought I would buy that because, we will be traveling in the coming weeks, so that should come in handy. I won’t have to worry so much about the juicing process now.

Dinner is still a mystery tonight! The Tacos, Salsa, Guacamole went over real well, I might just do something to get rid of some of the Squash & Zucchini I cut up and wasn’t able to use?!!?!?.

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Day With the Girls

Started the day early… because I was meeting my girlfriend Robin to go down to Orlando and checkout IKEA. It was great..! I juiced Carrot, Cabbage, Spinach and a plain Carrot juice for my mid-morning and mid-afternoon drinks.

Then for lunch, I ordered the Grilled Chicken Tuscano Salad with out the Chicken, Cheese and Bacon with the Dressing on the side. Then we indulged a little on a couple glasses of wine.

That I think, was a bad thing. Because last night for dinner we did Carrabba’s and I had two glasses of wine.

At home, I made Tacos with homemade Guacamole and Salsa with Diced Tomatoes, Squash, Zucchini, Bell Pepper, and Onions. I also made a green salad with Bok Choy, Cherry Tomatoes. The Tacos were actually great… I was supposed to eat the Tacos on Cabbage Leaves, but I bought some Whole Grain Tortillas. Cabbage over Whole Grain Tortillas?????

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3 Week Weigh In

I weighed myself this morning… and truth be told, I haven’t left the 177lbs mark.
I think I need to step up this exercising portion of the plan with a class or regular visits to the gym.
Because I’m doing everything the same….except I’ve started eating foods instead of fruits for lunch. I do need to beef up on the water intake too. It seems, I’ve dropped the amount of water I’m drinking.
Also, I’m wondering if I can drink teas on this diet?. I wanted to have a green tea or something, but I stopped myself, because I wasn’t sure. It would probably have to be decaf tea though.

Lunch is coming up and I’m going to go back to having fruits for lunch, because they just look soooo tastey!
Then for dinner, I’m not sure what to make?? I know I do have to make a stop at Costco to stock up on some more food.

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Emmy Sunday

I have the biggest urge to pop some popcorn… drink some pop and just sink into my sofa and become engrossed with all the beautiful people and their accomplishments.

But, not going to do that… instead I’ve already had dinner. Asparagus Salad with Almond, Date, Sunflower Seed Sauce. For lunch I had Tomato & Cucumber Salad with some homemade Salsa Dip and Whole Grain Wheat Bread. In between, I snacked on Dates and Almonds and Whole Grain Bread.

I think I need to stop doing all that snacking in between… and cut down on the bread. Regardless of it’s Whole Grain aspects. Because I’m feeling a little bloated and uncomfortable… And it’s nots because everybody else is so beautiful on T.V.

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Rosh Hashanah Meal

It’s the jewish holiday.. and we went to the airport to pick up Mike’s kids from the airport. I juiced Carrot, Celery juice for the mid-morning, and just finished my mid-afternoon Carrot, Apple juice.

After we picked up the kids… it was noon time and we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory. I packed a couple Nectarines just in case, but I spoke with my girl friend and she assured me it’s O.K. to start eating real food for lunch.

So for lunch, I went outside of the fruit box and I had a Beet Salad and Water. It was really filling! I did use just a little bit of the dressing it comes with and I took the Goat Cheese off the salad and gave it to Mike. He loved that!!!

Back at the house we’re preparing foods like Dates, Pomegranate, Apples, Honey, Read Beans, Boiled Pumkin, Beets, Scallions, and Lettuce for the Seder. The Seder foods are all raw, so that’s not bad, but then for the meal afterwards we’ve(by we’ve I mean Mike) prepared Basmatti Rice, Gormazabze(?), Pollo Horeshed(?).

I however, am going to have Asparagus Salad with a Almond, Date, Sunflower dressing and a Tomatoe, Cucumeber Salad with last nights left over Pecan Loaf! I’ve very excited to start this chapter of the meal… eating real/raw foods for lunch.!!!

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Creating New Meals

I could not get enough of this evenings… Pecan Loaf.!!! It’s amazing! It had of course Basmatti Rice, Pecans, Tomotoe, Celery Onion and Whole Grain Bread Crumbs into the oven at 450 degrees. It’s really amazing.
The recipe called for Homemade Ketchup poured on the top and then back into the oven for about 15 minutes. I didn’t pre-make the Ketchup… and the Pecan Loaf was great. I paired that with last nights Garden Salad and some Cucumber Salada with Tomoto, Avocado, Onion, Bell Peppers and a Lemon/Grapeseed Oil Dressing.
I followed my juicing with a Carrot, Beet Juice for the mid-morning and then a Carrot, Celery Juice for mid-afternoon. I did break down again and snack on Almonds and Dates before dinner.
But amazingly, once I realized it’s not so demanding and critical to be on this eating plan, I’ve been opening the cookbook and just pointing to a meal to make. It’s becoming much more enjoyable. 🙂

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