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Starting the Workout

I did it! Last night I made the effort to work out before bed.
That’s when I generally like to do it and then in the morning, before I get the day going.

I did my stomach crunches and wieghts for may arms. I’m going to do some pilates/kickboxing moves tonight. And eventually I want to get back on track for going to the gym in the A.M. I have a gym just down the street in the community I live in, so it shouldn’t be an excuse.!!!

I’m by myself until Tuesday night… Mike went out of town to celebrate Yom Kippur in Maryland with his Rabbi. So this should be a good time to make some changes.

This morning I did get up and juice Carrots & Beets and then Carrots and Celery. For my mid-morning juice I had the Carrot and Celery. Then I drank my Barley Max and ate a chopped salad with Bell Pepper, Bok Choy, Green Onions, Broccoli, Tomotoes, Cucumber, and Almonds. For the dressing I made an oldy, but goody it’s an oil/vinigar dressing with shallots, Cumin and Salt. Yum.!

For Dinner, I want to start making more of the recipes from my “Recipes for Life” Raw Foods Cookbook.

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