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Dinner Out

We took a trip down to the area neighborhood gathering place called “European Village” and we walked around to see how business is going.

One of the places still there though, is our favorite pizza place, and we stopped in for dinner. I know pizza, that’s not good raw food. Yes, but I didn’t have a pizza. I had a nice tossed salad with Romain lettuce and Oil and Vinigar dressing and I drank Water. Before we left for the “European Village” I took my Barley Max and it feels so good be on track.

But when we came home from dinner… it seems the salad wasn’t as filling as I had anticipated. Because I ate two Banasas, a Nectarine, and some Almonds and Dates. That was a lot of dessert if you want to call it that.

This morning, it turns out, I’m not so hungry. But I’ve already juiced Carrot Juice a Carrot, Celery, Cabbage, Spinach Juice and we are out the door. So it’s time to pack up my little pink bag with my Juices, Barley Max and some more fruits.

Lunch will be out on the road.. and dinner?? It’s nice getting back into my routine again and not being chained to the kitchen because of the strict foods I needed to eat. It feels really good!

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