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One day after getting all this information from the Raw Foods Seminar, what did I do?
I went ahead and had 3 glasses of wine at dinner last night. It wasn’t all in vein though, I did have a Mediteranian Salad with no cheese and dressing on the side and I piece of Brucsetta.

We invited my friend Robin and her husband to dinner last night. It was a great idea, but I miss managed my time because not only did I miss my mid-afternoon Juice, I also didn’t take my Barley Max before dinner. On top of all this, I had the 3 glasses of wine. Plus, I didn’t work out yesterday either.

But today is another day… and so far so good. I pre-juiced this morning before we hit the Framers Market. Then came home after running some errands and I made Veggie Soup Stock for future use. While the soup stock was simmering I made a Zucchini Chowder from left overs from my Taco dinner a couple of nights. This evening, I’m not sure what will be on the menu. But I am drinking a lot of water to get the remaining affects from last night out of my system and getting ready to drink my mid-afternoon Juice of plain old Carrot Juice.

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