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Left Overs Again

It seems that when I make something really good…. I just want to keep eating it!
That was the Salsa and Guacamole I made, which was initially part of the Tacos I made the other day. I had quite a bit of left overs and was going to make something with the Squash and Zucchini, but I didn’t.

Instead, I got a call from my girlfriend in Buffalo, who attended the Raw Foods Seminar and let me ask the person giving the seminar some questions. Before the Seminar took place, I was worried about the 14 day eating and how and what you eat after. I got that question answered, now I’m eating regular lunch and dinner Raw Meals. But I also had the quesiton what about Organic Wine… he said no. No matter what kind of alcohol it is, it’s not good. : -(

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