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After a full day of following my Juicing, Barley Max, and a sensible dinner, I had severe in between munching going on. It started with Dates this afternoon and then it progressed to Almonds.

Dinner was a Chopped Salad with Bell Peppers, Green Onions, Cauliflower, Broccoli and a Lemon/Honey Dressing with a Baked Sweet Potato. My veggie basket is almost empty and I had to get rid of some lingering veggies before we hit the farmers market in the a.m.

I really didn’t feel fully satisfied… so I grabbed some strawberries I bought the other day out of the refrigerator and looked up a sauce to make from my “Recipes for Life” book. I picked a sauce from the Mixed Berries desert recipe. It called for Arrow Root, Water, and Strawberries in the blender and then into the sauce pan to heat with the rest of the strawberries. It just so happened I went to the Whole Foods store for some staples. The Arrow Root was one of them, and I wanted to make something with what I just bought. But unfortunately, the Arrow Root sauce wasn’t what I was thinking it would taste like… it was about as uneventful as the ingredients. : -(

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