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I’m Still Eating Raw

The first day after the 14 day Eating Raw Plan… I’m still juicing and eating raw. It’s become habit and I look at other food like, oh no, that’s not good.!

I juiced Carrot Juice for my mid morning drink and for my mid afternoon drink I juiced Carrot and Celery Juice. No sooner did I make the juice, I was packing it up to take on the road along with some Barley Max and Apples for lunch. And when Mike got hungry today, I sat across from him while he ate his cheese and onion pizza and I ate my Apples.

For dinner, it’s all about left overs. I have Tastes Like Tuna and Asparagus Salad for me. I made a Cod Filet with Wine, Oil and Seasonings for Mike paired with my Seasoned Basmatti Rice and Veggie Spaghetti Sauce.

Since I did have left overs from last night, I did take a picture today. So here’s what the Tastes Like Tuna and Asparagus Salad looks like. And even a day later…. this meal was fantastic. One of my keepers for the future.!!!

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Last Meal at Day 14!

Well on the final day of my first 14 days of Raw to Lose 40 Eating Plan, I forgot to drink my Barley Max before Dinner. I did however have the Barley Max in my mid afternoon Carrot Juice.

Tonights meal I thought was by far the best… it was an Asparagus Salad with bok choy(I’ve never had that!) and Tastes Like Tuna dish. It’s amazing how all the veggies with the almond, yeast, parsley dressing tasted so much like a Tuna dish!!!!! Of course, I forgot to take a picture of that too! : -(

For now, I will restart the eating plan and start tomorrow at day 1. I am however, getting more and more feedback on how I look now. It seems that you can tell I’ve lost weight, at least 7lbs. for now. My pants are looser and my tops aren’t so snug… this feels really good.

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