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Weigh In Blues

I decided to weigh myself this morning…. because it’s the last day of my 14 day Raw To Lose 40 Eating Plan. And I have to say, I only went down two extra pounds to 177lbs. It’s great to be going down, but I thought I’d do another 5lbs for the second week.

I think though the initial 5lbs. was my body detoxing… but now I have to really kick up the exercising!

Today is kinda different, two glasses of Carrot Juice the mid afternoon Juice I have to add Barley Max to. We’ll see how that tastes.!

Took a picture of last nights meal and the amount I ate… tasted better than in looks.!!!

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This 14 day eating plan I’m on, is coming to an end on Monday(tomorrow)! I’m not sure what to do after tomorrow.?!?!?!? I’ve relied on the eating plan to tell me what to eat and I don’t know if I can make my own menu everyday from the provided recipes.?

I think I might just do the 14 day eating plan over again… just to get used to the whole new eating lifestyle. With my recent temtations and indulgences, I’m afraid to leave the 14 day structured eating plan.

Speaking of which, we ventured out this afternoon to go do some grocery shopping and as luck would have it I started getting my headache again. It’s a throbbing pain on the top of my head, which I attribute to allergies. But it’s still lingering tonight.

Even after we sat down to eat Steamed Veggies which I pulled from the freezer. I think I may have cheated by not using fresh veggies. And I made the Seasoned Basmatti Rice with Onions, Bell Pepper and Celery. I forgot to season it so I put a Hickory Spice Blend on it, which made it so much better. I implemented the Salad with day 9’s Mixed Salad left overs.

On a bright note, I did try on one of the outfits we bought yesterday on our shopping spree. I bought a size 10 Escade wrap skirt and it fit like a glove!!!! It was nice, kinda lifted my spirits leaps and bounds. 🙂

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