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Rainy Day

I’m sitting here blogging and it’s raining outside. Infact it’s been raining the better part of this afternoon. We decided to get up this morning and go north to Jacksonville. I ran into the kitchen and juiced a Carrot, Celery Juice and an Apple Juice for my mid-afternoon drink. I also packed a couple of bananas into the the bag for my lunch.

Before we left, I stepped on the scale because I had a bit of indulgence last night during our Veggie Spaghetti and Mixed Garden Salad. Mike made some langos (fried bread dough)again and I had 3 pieces. I weighed in at 179lbs., no change from Monday.

Bruised ego in hand, we headed to St. Augustine to do a little shopping before we hit Jacksonville. That’s where we go to stock up on things at Costco. Before we even made it there, Mike got a little hungry for a steak. I just managed to eat my two Bananas for lunch, when he revealed he was feeling a little sluggish. So I agreed and we went to get a steak meal for him at J. Alexanders. I told myself I would not eat anything, at the same time he ordered his meal, I indulged myself with a raw veggie salad in a lemon/vinegar dressing.

I do wonder how these indulgences will ultimately affect me come next Monday. I am continuing to exercise with weights, and I’m following the eating plan as close as possible, but it’s tough to keep on track.!

I prepared tonights meal before I sat down to blog and it’s something of an Almond medley. I made a Tomatoe & Cucumber Salad, Asparagus with Cream Sauce made of Almonds & Sunflower Seeds and something called Almost Turkey. It’s made of Squash, Zuchini, Celery, Tomatoes, and Almonds. I made it without a couple of ingredients, kelp and flaxseed meal. Hopefully it turns out O.K. We’re sitting down to eat now.

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