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11 Days on Track

Today I pre-juiced the Carrot, Celery & Cabbage Juice for my mid morning drink. And for my mid afternoon drink I juiced a Tomatoe Juice with Spinach, Celery Tomatoe, Shallots & Carrots…. still waiting to dig into that one.!

After dinner plans at Carrabba’s last night, I’m tempted to say yes to Mike’s pleas of going out to eat again tonight. But I have to say no. Because I really want to make the Veggie Spaghettie and have the Veggie Salad. I’m also thinking about making the Veggie Stew as well. I’m on the fence on that though!

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Thursday Oh Thursday!

I missed blogging on yesterday(Thursday)!
It was a bit of a hectic day. I did pre-juice, while I spent the better part of the morning at the house working on the computer. I was sending out real estate property listings and cleaning out my hotmail account. Wow!! what a mess that was.

Then toward the end of the day.. my fiancee(Mike) and I decided to head down to Daytona Beach and take the car into the dealership for a routine maintenance. While we at the dealership, I got a call from my friend Robin. She told me it was her birthday today and she was enjoying her free time as her husband took her 4 year old to get ingredients for dinner tonight. I felt so bad that I missed her birthday!!! I told my Mike about it, and he said, well why dodn’t we go to the supermarket and get her a cake??? And I said what, really??!?!? A little shocked I jumped on that bandwagon and off we went to the store to buy her a birthday cake to deliver.

We got to her house and she had gotten back from her walk and was already in her bathing suit when she greeted me at the door. She was so shocked to see me with a cake in my hand. I said to her happy birthday! I wanted to stop by and give you this cake for your birthday. It was all my Mike’s idea so I said lets do it.!

She thanked us uncontrolably as she tried to get Mikes attention. He stayed in the car while I went to the door with the cake, because he got a business call. As we chatted at the door about the cake and what she’s got planned for the rest of the afternoon(take a jump in the pool), and periodically peering over at the car to see when my fiancee was going to get off the phone. Minutes later, he finally got of his business call, and Robin exuberantly waved her arms to thank him for the cake and birthday wishes from her doorway.

Then she invited us in and I said no, you’re with the hubby and relaxing, maybe some other time. She insisted and I said, well let me ask Mike and then I went to the car to do so. As it turns out, we spent the next 2 1/2 hours with Robin and her family, until we got a call from the dealership telling us the car is ready to be picked up.

We left for the dealership and decided on the way, how about Carrabba’s for dinner? Mike was so starved he said he couldn’t wait until we drove another 30 or so miles home, wait until I prepare the veggie stew and stacked salad for dinner. So I reluctantly agreed, because I was really looking forward to preparing the meal. It turned out so good the last time, I wanted to see if I could make it better. Instead, I settled for a mediterranean salad and some roasted veggies and a water.

I overted temptation at all afternoon. At Robins house she offered wine and chips to munch on. And at dinner I did the same with declining my usual happy hour wine and when the bread basket came I didn’t touch it!. Outside of my comfort zone(my house), I really have to pay attention to the temptations around me and make the right decision. But the longer I’m on this plan, the decisions to eat raw are becoming easier and less troublesome.!!!

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