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It’s true, I lost 5lbs. the first week of this Raw To Loose 40 eating plan.
It was hard… because Monday I cut loose and ate off my eating plan.
I did my Barley Max for breakfast and before lunch. Plus, I managed to drink my carrot juice, mid morning and mid afternoon. Yes I did, because I prepared the juices before hand and packed them into cold containers for our day trip to Tampa-Sarasota area.

The day was progressing very nicely and I wanted to stay in the moment and not feel and act like a stickler because of this eating plan I’ve started. My fiancee sometimes, I think, feels a little left out because I am doing all these different meals and drinks… which he just can’t put his head around yet.!

The thing that really bothered me Monday, was sitting down at the Columbia Restaurant in Sarasota and ordering alcohol. I ordered the Sangria de Cava, which was delicious, but I only drank one glass of the mix. We went on to order and eat the Black Bean Fried Bites and a salad with Romaine lettuce. Not too bad, but I was thinking this can’t be good for the eating plan!

So today, after stepping on the scale the numbers came back 179lbs…. I’m thrilled that I’m getting further away from 200lbs. It feels liberating to be doing this. AND DOING ALL NATURAL AND RAW!!!

Speaking of which, I’ve decided to pre make all of my juices for the day and take them with me in a cold container if I’m going out for the day. And take along with me a ziplock baggy of the Barley Max so I can keep up with that.

Today, I successfully completed my Carrot, Apple, and Celery Juice mid morning drink, after I drank the Barley Max for breakfast. I had to make double and tripple of my juices, because my fiancee asked to have some carrot juice too!!! I was so delighted to make hime his juice, and then I pre-made my mid afternoon Carrot, Beet juice.

Dinner will be some what easy, a Spinach Salad, Baked Potatoe and Steamed Veggies.
Because I’ve aquired so much left over food in the refrigerator… I’m changing the way I will continue to do things on this eating plan.

I’ve decided to prepare half the called for ingredients, until my fiancee starts to eat with me on this plan. And I think leftovers aren’t so bad… I’ve decided it’s O.K. to snack on them and eat them in place of certain foods on the meal plan.

Yeah Spinach Salad, Baked Potatoe and Steamed Veggies.. I need a break from all this pre-work!!!

I’m so very excited about this… it keeps me going thinking I can actually do this and loose 40lbs and learn to stay on a healthy eating plan and lifestyle by the time I turn 40.

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