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It’s Labor Day

It’s Labor Day and we are off to do some sightseeing today. I’m going to leave all my cares and worries about my eating plan at home, while we enjoy and take in the sights of Florida.

I’ve pre made my carrot and beet juice and my carrot juice for the afternoon. Plus, I have a little baggie for my 1tsp. of Barley Max.

Dinner, will have to play it by ear… if we eat out, than I will eat accordingly. But if we come home then I will continue on with the meal.

You may have gathered, that I didn’t make the Sunflower Loaf this morning… maybe tonight. The nuts should be good and soaked by then.

Have a great Labor Day!

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I’m Seeing Green

All day today, I’ve done the 3 servings of Barley Max… a powder which is so green and tastes as awefull as the color is beginning to look to me. I’ve decided to mix the powder with water to dilute the taste and just chug the drink, without breathing, all at once.

That solves the the Barley Max problem, but now I have the problem of having too many left overs in the refrigerator. The servings for each one of these meals is more than I can eat in one sitting. And my fiancee is not that impressed with all the dishes I’m making. So I have to scale down the servings for each of my meals, or I’ll simply run out of tupperware and space in my refrigerator.

I did end up making the Sunshine Carrot Salad, and Green Pea Soup. But I didn’t make the Sunflower Loaf, because I was running out of space. I will however make it tomorrow morning so everyone can snack on it all day.!

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