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Finally Barley Max!

Today’s the day I got my package of Barley Max… I just took a tsp full about 30 minutes before dinner, and OMG this stuff tastes like something awefull!!!

It’s a seaweed green colored powered which is supposed to be so nutritionally good for you. I guess the rich green color comes from the barley leaves and alfalfa ingredients. But you think if it was so important in the diet it could taste a little bit better. -: (

This afternoon, I drank my Juice Drink of Carrot, Cucumber and Bell Pepper… it was something I had to force down. The more extreme the ingredients get that I have to pair with the carrots, the less palatable the drink becomes. So far, I really like carrot juice and apple juice mixed together.

Dinner tonight is Confetti Coleslaw, Lentle, Barley Stew and Steamed Veggies. -: )

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Late Night Meal

Well, I finally finished dinner. Yes it’s true, I served up the last course at 11:30pm tonight. We started around 9:20pm with a Broccoli Mix and tomatoe, sunflower seed dressing. And then several hours later, the Lentle, Barley Stew was done. The only reason we ate so late, I had to make the Veggie Broth from scratch which I used to mix into the Lentle, Barley Stew.

It turned out to be amazingly delicious… but now I’m completely exhausted.

A plus for the day though… I was able to drink my mid afternoon juice while I was out showing houses. I remembered to pre-juice the carrot, celery, and broccoli juice and drink it on the go. -:)

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